Someone has destroyed the guide stones

  1. This was my thinking in whoever did this. They damaged Guidestones to bait out the “founders” and so can discover who actually behind.

  2. I thought the same thing!!!! May have been able to build this shit in secret in the 80's, when people wearn't paying attention to this type of thing, but now is going to be a very different story.

  3. Well there is that camera always pointed at it. Makes me wonder if it actually streamed anywhere or was just BS (like many of the cameras in the nyc subway system) to prevent people from attacking it. There was that one acid attack which merely left a stain on one of the stones.

  4. Unfortunately this sub got bumped to main page and now we have to deal with a bunch of boring ass 'dUnK on dEm ReDnex' type really sad, really pathetic people.

  5. They missed the part where they destroyed the evidence that says "keep humanity under 500,000,000"... they bout to release some shit to kill us all. Marburg Monkeypox know that the Master Masons did it

  6. Then why make it to begin with? They created the evidence. No one would have known of any “plan” had “they” not put it in stone for people to see.

  7. What if it wasn’t demons. What if it was Jesus? What if CERN opened the portal to heaven and brought thy lord almighty back? And Jesus is pissed, pissed because we brought him back and out of anger he just did a big roundhouse kick and the guide stone went kablewy! Just spit balling some ideas.

  8. Did you see the date on the "live" feed was sometime in April if this year? When I first saw it I thought it looked like the fake NASA/Fakex vids.

  9. This makes sense. Stranger Things new season, Multiverse Madness movie, all about portals and demons (which is supposedly what CERN is and does). Just softening us up for the real deal.

  10. I can't even properly describe the face I just made at this while simultaneously realizing a lot of people here will be nodding at this.

  11. From the photos, it looks like the Sanskrit stone was demolished. Don't quote me on that though. I can't remember what's on the other side of the Sanskrit writing.

  12. I just saw a video of an excavator knocking the rest down. Probably done by the county. I live about 20 minutes away. I'm sure it will be the talk of all the towns near.

  13. There’s no good sub I’m aware of where I can make this comment among friends so I’ll say it here. It’s fucking disgusting how Redditors are instantly blaming this on “Christian fascists” “white nationalists” with zero evidence. Christians have become the ultimate scapegoat for anything bad happening as far as the average Redditor is concerned. It’s wrong on so many levels. The amount of hate is too damn much.

  14. Come on man, everyone knows it was a Hillary false flag to distract from Benghazi. Trump has been working non stop and has the evidence to prove her guilt. Lock her up!

  15. I don’t live very far away from them. Given the area they’re in, I bet some Billy Bobs with a shitload of tannerite just wanted to see what would happen.

  16. "In 2015, the documentary film Dark Clouds Over Elberton was released, in which it was claimed that the Guidestones were paid for by Herbert Hinzie Kersten (1920 – 2005)[10][11], a doctor from Fort Dodge, Iowa, described as a white supremacist and supporter of David Duke and the Ku Klux Klan.[10] "

  17. Might be related to the John Oliver episode he did on them in which he told people that wanting to destroy them because they were racist was alright (fair enough). While later, in my opinion, downplaying the straight up eugenics the guidestones advocate for (not fair)

  18. Explain the eugenics part. I know the stones say to guide reproduction in concert with nature -- but never states anything about any one race being more pure than another.

  19. I also thought of the John Oliver video as a catalyst for this destruction by popularizing the history of the stones for being the very weird, unsanctioned artwork that they are instead of how they are presented as some kind of legitimate guidance for future generations.

  20. They are under construction. When Lord Pfauci (MBUH) came down from the holy mount Pfizer, he carried with him 10 commandments of safe and effective goodness. The new guide stones will be carved with these holy safe and effective guidelines. Masks be upon us.

  21. Look up the guild stones. There were a list of things suggested to save the planet, one of them being to reduce population size. It was on the creepy side, depending on the intent which is a mystery because it’s not known who commissioned them.

  22. Obviously CERN caused all the 5d believers to ascend and get their super powers. They all then collectively used their new found telekinesis to blow it up with their minds. If CERN didn't make you ascend and get dup r powers it's because you're a degraded being who wasn't already operating in the 5th dimension. (If you don't see the Emperor's clothes the problem is your eyes not the attire)

  23. They’ll build them in another place. They’re not dumb enough to go back and rebuild in the same place. Why would anyone think they’re going to catch the builders this way?

  24. Sad to see, I was just there last month. Wethet you agree with what it says or not it was something to see. It's a shame someone damaged it.

  25. With the idea that these outlast the apocalypse does no one think a population living in harmony with nature is a good idea? We can literally only feed our world population right now because of fossil fuels, which are limited, does no one here understand overshoot and where we are in history right now?

  26. We hope good everything for nature and the 500 million people we want to be alive on Earth because we are the good world rulers destined to tell everyone what is good for them and we couldn't possibly attempt this utopia by doing all kinds of evil to have the perfect world we choose. But it can't be evil because we rule so it is good.

  27. Big rocks with "instructions" on how to rebuild society should it collapse. Pretty neat. I was proud it was my state. Although some disagree with some of the methods apparently.

  28. Thats next level fuckery. Almost like someone wants the people to be blasted back to the stone age....again.

  29. To all of you clapping and applauding.... this is not okay. Regardless of what they stood for they weren't for someone to destroy. What's next....Stonehenge, the statue of liberty, Lincoln memorial...etc. To all of you morons allowing history to be destroyed and erased please remember that that is how the holocaust was started. Just stop with the destruction. They where a good talking point for a lot of important subjects if nothing else. And besides they weren't standing there enforcing anything written on them. They are rocks with words. They only have the ability to effect you how you let them. Clearly you are all weak minded if they offended you so deeply.....

  30. Not really a big enough deal to say it needs to be preserved. If these were ancient artifacts than sure keep'em up. But these were just some racist dudes statues he put up in the 80's. Just cus a statue is erected doesn't mean it's part of history and shouldn't be torn down.

  31. Yeah no. I’d rather there wasn’t a bunch of stones advocating for the culling of a large part of the planet. Cheers.

  32. You know history was destroyed erased and re written when the pilgrims came and slaughtered the Indians… and so on … why are you mad at someone actions as those of the founding fathers? Are you so weak minded that an action that had no effect on you is giving you a mental break down?

  33. It depends on the private property. Trashing your neighbors house in a B & E when they live paycheck to paycheck: not cool.

  34. It’s a shame the rest of wasn’t destroyed. Amazing work for whom ever got this much done though. Those stones are pure evil!

  35. Right when CERN restarts their shenanigans. Gotta love it. I would love to meet whoever did this and shake their hand.

  36. a stone advocating for us to save ourselves from ourselves. Without population control, we will breed ourselves the hell on earth.

  37. Wow, anybody applauding this is a simpleton and/or extremely closed minded. This is vandalism plain and simple. Nothing noble, heroic or benevolent to see here, just bullshit enacted by some stupid teenagers or people fucked up on drugs. And anybody here encouraging this needs to straight up fuck off.

  38. So, what did you think of the Antifa protests? Were those mostly peaceful? Was breaking down the Berlin Wall vandalism?

  39. Exactly the stones advocating “reducing” the population to 500M globally. Sick bastards would kill off every man woman and child outside of their elite buddies. Eat ze bugs, take ze shots.

  40. Do you know what the Georgia Guidestones symbolize? Relating to Heart/Soul workers, Truth to guide you.

  41. Well, "they" have now been officially and very concretely noticed that we do not agree with our own demise... That would be a huge problem for their karma and their silly notion that they are demi-gods... I hope...

  42. When the population was a fraction of what it is now and there wasn't concrete everywhere? Tons of people would die, period.

  43. woke up this morning and found out that a bomb destroyed one of the stones, and they forced to demolished the entire thing - best good morning ever!

  44. I've been there. 2 hours from civilization. Weird inscriptions. Eerie as fuck. The back story is weird as shit as well. Just one of those things you have to be there to 'get it'

  45. Ohhh no 🙈…. It’s been done ! The prophecy has been fulfilled the Guide stones have been cracked , can no longer guide, once broken open the demon of past present and future have now been release! We now are on are own !

  46. I just saw a video of an excavator knocking the rest down. Probably done by the county. I live about 20 minutes away. I'm sure it will be the talk of all the towns near.

  47. This is why we can't have nice things. We've got wackos running around who are so obsessed with the imaginary devils in their brains that they will either shoot up a 4th of July celebration or destroy a harmless monument that never caused them any harm whatsoever.

  48. A globist did this. Only they would have the confidence to do something this bold without fear of consequence. They're setting it up to look like the "crazy right wing' is "dangerous'.

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