Bret Weinstein: "These vaccines couldn't possibly have been known to be harmless when they hadn't been around for even a year. There was no way to know what they would do to people 5 years out and 10 years out." (2-minute clip)

  1. MRNA is just a delivery method. That’s like saying we don’t need to test the long-term effects of a new cancer drug because it’s administered via IV infusion and we’ve been using IV infusions for years.

  2. Now use the same logic with a virus that actually has empirical evidence about how bad it is for you. We also don’t know what happens 2, 5, 10 years from now with covid.

  3. I wonder how many anti-vaxxers chug booze every week yet are scared of a shot that they have to take once a year.

  4. We have a lot of long term data on alcohol consumption and it's effect on the body . . My guess is more people would choose to go out doing something they enjoy - like drinking or climbing everest, versus going out/forced to take a shot for something that may be a none issue for them - many aren't "scared" of the vaccine- they just aren't "scared" of covid.

  5. I don't drink. I don't smoke. And I don't like being called an antivaxxer just because I rejected 1 vaccine. I probably already caught COVID. Had 3 housemates test positive and then I had some mild symptoms. Definitely not the worst infection I've ever had, and I'm feeling fine right now. Blood pressure is normal. Oxygen level is normal. I pulled a chest muscle a few months ago, doctor said it was probably a pulled muscle, but to be safe, let's just do an EKG, and the EKG was normal too.

  6. I didn't get vaxxed, not a drinker, not a smoker. Eat pretty clean. You'd be surprised to find that people that chose not to get the jab are a lot more diverse than you've assumed so far.

  7. To date, and to my understanding, there has never been a incident of any vaccine causing side effects beyond the 16 week mark. So while I can’t say impossible I can certainly say improbable.

  8. Autoimmune disorders can show up much later. So can cancers. D-med data already showed a large uptick in cancer for military personnel after the jab rollout so the link is already showing itself.

  9. Was the claim really that vaccines are “completely harmless?” Sure you can find some rando’s saying that, but no vaccine is presented as 100% effective or safe. Brett Weinstein is grifting

  10. Yes the claim was safe and effective. 100% effective in the early days as stated by the CDC director. Very few medical exemptions, everyone including kids aged 5 have been recommended / required to take the vaccine. Many were reporting that the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks of covid so yes everyone was lead to believe the vaccine is safe.

  11. If they’re so safe too, then why did the risk people in the pharmaceutical companies push so hard for immunity of anything went wrong?

  12. Lol that quote is referring to animal models and in-vitro studies. If you'd bothered to read just a little bit further you would have seen the part where the first successful clinical trial making use of this technology was only completed in 2008. For a highly complex therapeutic being injected into hundreds of millions of people, that's not a lot of time.

  13. This isn't a conspiracy it's common sense and why 2/3 of drugs get their side effects altered down the road, because the longer people take them, the more we find out.

  14. The vaccine hasn't negative efficacy against not only covid but many other ailments. It weakens your immune system in the long run due to the way that it constantly bombards your body with spike proteins. There is no way the COVID-19 vax is good news, all the data shows otherwise. Data from mainstream sources is mostly lies. Most people have already figured this out including those who were tricked into taking it. Thankfully I think most people actually got the placebo this go around because the real payload is so deadly.

  15. Yeh true, if you look at the batch analysis, then <5% of the batches were causing 95% of the adverse effects including death. However a careful look at that batch analysis shows that the deadly batches were spread out geographically, whereas the safe batches were generally sent to one area. So someone knew which were the deadly ones and which were the safe ones / placebos and therefore that attempt to spread the harm was deliberate.

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