Police charge Big Pharma head for falsifying jab records..saline soultion was not fake news folks

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out that President Biden and anyone else who got the vaccine on TV / in public received a saline shot. Do you really think they would give an experimental vaccine to the President of the United States?

  2. Jesus does anyone else hate that term as much as I do? It’s only one more syllable to say “vaccine.” Jab always sounds like someone ramming a huge needle into your eyeball and corkscrewing it around in there.

  3. Well its actually elmundo qouting some paper called el periodico de españa who says they know from a "police source". Also it says he took the first 2 shots and then not the third, but got a covid passport to be able to travel.

  4. Of course, it should be common knowledge by now that the rules only apply to us commoners. The rich elites can buy their way into or out of any situation.

  5. My drug dealer friend tried to sell me a fake Covid vaccine card. 600 dollars. Had a doctors name on it and everything who was in on it.

  6. Pfizer being the guilty party in the largest criminal fine in US history is enough for me to not buy their toothpaste

  7. 🥹😫 I staying prayed up because only God can help me! When you can’t trust the food, medical, consumer, industries nor the Government created to serve the people by the people except the people ain’t in office; puppets and drama actors are in there like crabs 🦀 in a bucket 🪣 on each other, the people aren’t considered at all. Then the people are not a free people.

  8. So what is the end goal. Are the vaccinated sleeper agents waiting to be woken up? Does no one see the amount of control through our technology that the government has? They control so much already yet a vaccine will have people upset. Why aren’t people up in arms over everything else the government has control of? They control how you think and react, especially if you follow mainstream left or mainstream right news outlets in my opinion

  9. I asked op and I will ask you too, why did you choose these sources? They are not exactly known for being truthful. So why did you choose this source and not say a police report?

  10. "In review, The EU Times publishes news and opinions from a far-right nationalist perspective. They often use loaded language that frequently denigrates minorities, immigrants, and liberals such as this: Somali migrant brutally rapes Hungarian girl in a Budapest park, saved by American. When not promoting hate they often publish right-wing conspiracy theories such as this about George Soros: Swedish-Palestinian Journalist Dies Just Before He Exposes Soros And Aschberg. This story is sourced to the Questionable Russian propaganda site Russia Insider. Further, on the day of this review, they published a fake news story regarding the Corona Virus: Romania develops Coronavirus Vaccine able to Cure White People only. Needless to say, this is not true. In general, The EU Times is a far-right biased website that promotes conspiracy theories and hate.

  11. This news is all over various right-wing online blogs but even far right actual news orgs aren’t running it. Maybe that’s because there’s no actual evidence that it’s true.

  12. I believe it happened, but I’m not sure what it means? Why post it? We already know of lots of people who bought fake vaccine cards, etc

  13. PharmaMar is trying to make cancer medicine based on fish. What makes this guy more special than any random member of the public?

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