I know it's a conspiracy sub and I'm posting about corn but hear me out: Is this big corn farm not being harvested for incentive, or another reason? I've heard of gov. paying farmers not to plant, but what about not harvesting? Seems weird.

  1. Looks like feed corn, they let is dry as long as possible in the field to avoid drying charges - I've seen corn in my fields ( that I rent ) almost all the way up to Thanksgiving ( that was an odd year )

  2. Someone else said it's not ready. There is a cattle farm near me though. 🤷‍♀️ I just figured I'd post here for some "food for thought" heh

  3. Aside from the feed corn..I can personally attest to my friends fam havin an apple orchard that they were told not to harvest & if they wanted to keep their orchard they'd stop until notice. This was last year it wasn't cuz of money not paid. It devastated this family. Also know a milk farmer, I'm from the south btw, that was made to stop milk production. This one was right after COVID tho..so idk. Maybe something to this maybe not it's just the info I have. She ended up selling her orchard it just wasn't feasible without production. It was in there family along time. This is the info I can say first hand I know.. Just another struggling to survive person.. I hope othr ppl come forward with the info they know first hand. If I'm missing info or don't know something please inform me.. just be nice.. 😂

  4. In my area. Alot of farmers will grow corn and then have around 1000 or more weed plants in the field. Some of them make enough profit to literally skip the corn harvest part

  5. That is feed corn for animals the farmer leaves it to dry and then harvests it, when corn is in rows its for people and harvested when green!

  6. Hmmm that also makes sense. Although as others pointed out, I think it's just feed corn. I didn't take into account the livestock farms near me when posting this.

  7. No fucking shit...You're the man. Thanks dude. I'll give it a try. I'll remember this conversation and hit ya up if I can get anything going, to share the wealth.

  8. MAGAts love to talk about the supposed minority fraud in the social safety net- but they will not talk about the welfare used by the white farmers of this country.

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