If you're a man, you need to stop eating crap, you need to exercise, you need to stay off of hard drugs, you need to find purpose, you need to care about something more than yourself. It's time to man the fuck up.

  1. just a reminder that being super harsh with yourself isn't a requirement to improve. I found that the negative self-talk like "man up, bitch" was maybe motivating in that very moment, but it set too high of a bar for me to actually achieve real improvement (turns out, when myself a lazy dumb bitch enough times, I actually started to believe I was a bitch and then started actually acting like a bitch... not the intended outcome lol). What SUSTAINED the growth was when I finally stopped slave-driving myself and started remembering the following:

  2. OP is reminding us of the dangers of complacency and normalisation. It's easy to get dragged out in a tide of propaganda and demoralisation when that's what you're exposed to from society.

  3. I think it could be treated as a conspiracy fact, since all of the things OP was pointing out to are things that are totally real and correct - but "the system" constantly tries to steer us away from being able to acknowledge such things, since this will improve our lives and empower us, the "rulers" do not like people that are empowered, strong and healthy - they rather keep the herd weak, divided, purposeless and depressed

  4. Just want to add that if you are out of shape and wondering what the fuck to do the easiest exercises you can do are barbell squats and bench press. Work your way from there with a personal trainer if you need to, but there are many youtube channels on how to do squats. Big body fellows are the squat kings, so be all you can be. Squats will also make you lose body fat without having to do cardio and improve your fitness, I hate cardio you don't have to do it if you do squats.

  5. There is a conspiracy to destroy individualism (collectivism), cultural/national identity (globalism), to make us docile/weak-minded (fluoride/drugs) and physically weak/sick (poisoned food/hormone mimickers) and dependent (big government).

  6. “I see in the fight club the strongest and smartest men who've ever lived. I see all this potential and I see squandering. God damn it, an entire generation pumping gas, waiting tables, slaves with white collars, advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don't need. We're the middle children of the history man, no purpose or place, we have no Great war, no Great depression, our great war is a spiritual war, our great depression is our lives, we've been all raised by television to believe that one day we'd all be millionaires and movie gods and rock stars, but we won't and we're slowly learning that fact. and we're very very pissed off.”

  7. I think the only way for OP to get an errection is to do naked arm curls in front of a mirror while the beach volleyball scene from Top Gun is playing in the background.

  8. It is beyond me at this point how men can’t understand that Tyler is the antagonist of that story. There is immense irony to unpack in idolizing a character who is another characters tool to feel masculine when that just isn’t who he is.

  9. This is some peak boomer Facebook alpha male wolf poster shit. I knew this sub was turning into dogshit but this is a new level of whining about 'the good old days'.

  10. Congratulations man. I have had a very similar trajectory. I’ve accomplished more than I ever thought possible just by doing this, and I still think the best is yet to come.

  11. Best comment I’ve seen here. Doing exactly that now and it’s hard for the first few months but over time things dramatically change for the better. Sober life, going back to school, more attention from women, better job opportunities. Overall just phenomenal changes happen. Only the jealous and those lacking in capacity to change will label you a “loser” and then slander your character because you’re/I’m doing what they cant. Willpower.

  12. The number of people who suffer from depression from external factors (non hereditary) is increasing, and yes it’s a conspiracy. It kills motivation, ambition and self-esteem. Unfortunately, people use that as an excuse for being passive. If you don’t do anything about it you’ll only get worse.

  13. Ive been doing this, Ive been lifting for 4+ years, I have the healthiest diet (finally), I take natural supplements; fish oil, vitamin b complex, etc. I get daily sun. What really helped was quitting porn and masturbation. I finally feel alive for the first time ever and i'm only 21. I can finally get shit done.

  14. “If you hate your parents, the man or the establishment, don't show them up by getting wasted and wrapping your car around a tree. If you really want to rebel against your parents, out-learn them, outlive them, and know more than they do.” Henry Rollins

  15. I agree except that you don't need strenuous exercise, some exercise is important obviously but you can just as easily tear your body to shreds as you can letting it rot away. There's always a balance.

  16. Read books, work out, build some shit with wood, who cares if it sucks, and figure out how to make some money. I think a big reason why a lot of women are unhappy these days is because average men have become pathetic layabouts. I can personally attest to lifting weights, I used to think it was stupid but I started lifting in the last couple years and it has done wonders for my health, both physical and mental. You have testosterone, you’re meant to lift heavy shit and build stuff.

  17. Is this where we are, folks? Really? This is like someone’s TikTok script before they tell you to buy their branded vitamin pills.

  18. This used to be common sense. Now it is something posted in a conspiracy forum. Nonetheless each of us should be striving to do this, no matter if mainstream media promotes it or not.

  19. Started working out back in May and while I still need to get my shit together in some other ways, my mental health is doing fucking great right now. Keep up the good work lads.

  20. I started using an exercise bike and trainer (virtual, ifit) and love it. I regularly bike 15+ miles and a normal busy day for me might see a 8-10 mile ride, 7 days a week. It has made a HUGE difference in my life.

  21. Omg! I only made it to “just be happy”! Hold on just one sec. Let me go get my fourth personality “happy” just for you. If it were only that easy!

  22. Being over weight causes all sorts of medical conditions. I’ve been fat, I’ve been slim, I currently have more muscle then I’ve ever had in my life but I am losing weight the correct way. Did I feel like shit when I couldn’t run a 100 metres without nearly dying, as I was that out of shape, yeh I did. So being unhealthy, eating shit every day and not caring about your own health isn’t a good thing at all. Sugar causes people to loose limbs from diabetes but I guess you’re fine with that!

  23. You forgot to add pornography. Nothing more emasculating than pleasuring yourself to watch other people. Perverts men and changes them into beasts.

  24. Don't forget about porn. This is such a huge factor in the feminism and laziness of men. It kills your drive to be confident and motivated. It makes sex with your partner worse, which leads to a worse relationship, which leads to less respect as head of the household. You will lose your aggression, your drive, your determination. You will be more submissive, and self-conscious.

  25. This was beautiful. I’ve recently gotten sober and been eating healthier and everything you said here is true. Factual. I speak from experience and my prayers go out to anyone struggling with abuse or self doubt. There is a way, you have to be committed and focus and stay that way.

  26. Completely agree. I'm in Canada and it's absolutely incredible how many adults are fat, atrophied, slobs. Probably close to 7 out of 10. It's downright dystopian. Almost everybody has a gut. The lack of discipline and intensity is inexcusable. Bruce Lee would be disgusted.

  27. Hate yourself more then anything and workout 5 times a week. If not lifting be stretching or on the treadmill and hitting abs. Eat everything you can and make gains

  28. This is true. Doesn’t matter the times either, the societal debauchery is no excuse, it would happen during every lifetime. Sure, technology has made work easier for the first world, but life is an eternal spiritual battle that will never be fair. When you recognize the control mechanisms in your life, you can then attain control over them to steer reality in your favor. This is part of a process that involves the realization that you have more control over your reality than they would have you think. You become a quantum creator, the god of your own life. It’s an initiation of apotheosis when practiced and fulfilled. TPTB have entire global operations and campaigns to prevent and minimize your potential.

  29. type of stuff nobody teaches our youth in schools, "dumbing us down" is real.. no wonder the very wealthy "elite" built exclusive schools for them self, where they send their children to.

  30. Well said. This is the encouragement we bolstered on the old fun crazy bb misc board back in the day. Increase test, lift heavy weight and get up and do something build something fix something man up because theres a war against testosterone and men in general and imo looks like we're losing. Better yourselves and kick your fellow guy friend in the ass to do the same.

  31. Thank you for these words! This reminds me of that guy Ryan's "no more zero days" post, if you know or remember it. I try to read it often, but morneoften than not I feel stuck in the prison of weakness, instant gratification and gluttony I built for myself.

  32. OP… this is some of the most beautiful shit I’ve read all week. Bless your soul. You get it. 🥲 keep on hammering dude.

  33. Regardless of your mental and physical health, the critical thinkers and Purebloods, are going through a hard spiritualmoment in our lives.. We have been banished from our familial inner circles and been refused entry into the homes of people who still believe the vaccinations are for your safety. They have put the line in the sand and let us know they think little of us. This is a hard pill to swallow.

  34. Top minds has linked to this post, so expect the usual brigading by their alts. Reddit allows them to target subs

  35. On that note, stop paying so much attention to comic book and fantasy characters. At least to the point of letting them add stress to your life.

  36. One of the biggest things that improved my life beck in my 20s and I see men(lots of people in general) struggle with is having actual goals. Not just hopes and dreams. Goals that you are actively working towards. You have to think beyond the weekend or even month. And it’s not just an I do this I get this thing. It should be something you can plan for 5-10 years and progress towards it every year. If you hit your goals just make more. Have a purpose.

  37. I’m 22 days off of dipping/nicotine. I workout daily and eat good. Best way we can fight the system is to treat our bodies right and not be a slave to big fucking pharma.

  38. God man you hit in on the nose it’s almost like I wrote this. I’ve acknowledged that I’ve become weak and have atrophied both mentally and physically. I’m currently pulling myself out of the abyss. I used to be so strong I want to be strong again man. These days I just feel weak, without purpose. Just slaving away for a paycheck week after week.

  39. Physical exercise can replace 1000s of drugs or medications. But there is no any drug or medication that can replace physical exercise.

  40. Life is pointless, so none of that you say as ANY innate value… in a few years we are all going to be in the dirt… nothing we ever did or didn’t do, is going to matter an iota to anyone…

  41. Easier said then done. Im working more and harder these days just too get through the week. I get home barely have time too unload then crash out for 8 then back at it again. 6 days and on that 7th my legs are fucked. The price of living is fucking stupid right now. Some days i feel better off dead then living what im living rn.

  42. If you're a man, you need to stop eating crap, you need to exercise, you need to stay off of hard drugs, you need to find purpose, you need to care about something more than yourself.

  43. That's right brother! Now go out there and get a bottle of my new BrainForce Ultra Manliness Testosterone synthesizer. It creates testosterone out of nothing (must follow a regulated diet and exercise plan). And all you have to do is sit on reddit and spread the word (requires a minimum of 8 hours per day of physical training along with 4 hours per days of spreading the good word on reddit and twitter)

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