He's not an engineer. At all.

  1. Elon musk has his name on 2 patents, one for a car door latch and one for the tesla charging port. He's not the first name on either.

  2. So that's why Elon said "Patents are for the weak". Heard him say it on a Jay Leno special that aired recently.

  3. And the reason he isn’t on others is because it would invalidate the patents to have narcissistic morons non-inventors on them. So, he can’t even fake it.

  4. Take the first name thing w a grain of salt. I have like 20-30 patents but there is also a lot of office politics involved in them.

  5. The order of the name is usually put alphabetical - as in with academic reports etc. so the order in which his name is doesn’t portray that he did more or less…

  6. He sure masquerades himself as an engineer in any video involving any company he oversees. There was one video I was watching where he walked around a Space X facility like a self-entitled and pompous douchebag, answering every question the enthused interviewer/camera man asked with such a "yeah well of course, duh" type attitude about everything, while wearing a stupid look on his face like he can't believe he was asked that, or can't believe that someone is enthusiastic and/or surprised by what they're seeing. I always thought the Elon dick riding crowd on reddit was cringe as hell, it's hilarious to see everyone take a 180 on this guy in the past year. I always thought he was a douche.

  7. I met a combination crypto bro and Elon fanatic who insisted that Elon should be POTUS and absolutely would not hear it when I told him he’s not a natural citizen and it was impossible. He also called him the smartest guy alive. An absolute nut.

  8. The cult of blind hate surrounding him is idiotic as hell as well, you can admit he's done good things and bad things without him being either jesus or satan

  9. For all his cruelty and inventing DRM and what have you Edison did in fact invent/improve a bunch of stuff. Way ahead of Elon on that one.

  10. A company called Tesla which, by the way, he didn't create. He just was one of their investors, and then when they started to have success,

  11. i honestly don't know where this edison was not an inventor thing came from. it's so prevalent nowadays. is it from a movie or something?

  12. Edison actually did invent something cool and useful like the phonograph. Edison was also a ruthless businessman and a fucking asshole but I repeat myself.

  13. Actually a perfect comparison. Edison was a very gifted inventor, except according to reddit memes that get their information from shitty webcomics full of misinformation.

  14. These stans honestly think Elon stands around a giant glass table, sketching and designing all the Tesla and SpaceX products himself and sending blueprints off to lesser engineers for production.

  15. yea he aint a IRL Tony Stark. Hes a businessman, Elon Musk is closer to IRL Obidiah Stane (Iron Monger) then he is Stark.

  16. Elon is very good at what he does: marketing and business. It's clearly working when he has these rubes thinking he's some sort of godly engineer when he's actually just another sketchy businessman born from money.

  17. I dont think anyone believes that but listening to a few Musk interviews he does know the nuts and bolts of his products, which is to say more than most CEOs.

  18. I don't think that a full-size rendering of Elon's ego would even fit on the side of one of his rockets. It's THAT big.

  19. According to his employees at PayPal, his idiosyncratic code routinely had to be excised and rewritten.

  20. He is both. While he studied Physics and not engineering, he is an extraordinarily competent engineer according to everyone who worked with him (and he was chief designer of Falcon 9, and now Starship and no, not just as a title), and his coding aptitude was literally off the charts when he took an IBM aptitude exam as a young adult. I'm not a fan of his personality but OP is the confidently incorrect one here.

  21. Maybe I'm wrong but if you tell the average person you are an engineer and then they find out you are a software engineer, they are going to think you are full of shit. He certainly doesn't fit the classic definition of an engineer.

  22. Didn't he double major in engineering and economics though? I can't stand the people who love him and idolize him and the people who hate him and idolize him

  23. He does have a degree in physics. Idk what classifies you as an engineer but I’d think a physics degree would classify you as an engineer if the field you’re working in relates to it.

  24. The subreddit name is “confidently incorrect” so I guess everyone here being confidently incorrect is expected and encouraged.

  25. The reddit hivemind managed to do a complete 180 from Musk is DaVinci reincarnated all the way to Musk is a total idiot who has never done anything.


  27. I am a degreed engineer with 20 years of experience and it irks me to no end when people gatekeep engineering. It's super common to see requirements on job postings like "BS or 5 years experience" or "MS or 10 years experience".

  28. I think some of the confusion is about licensing. Most engineers that I know (in the US) on the civil/structural side of things live and die by licensure -- if you aren't a PE then you aren't a "real" engineer. On the other hand, most electrical, chemical, software, and even mechanical engineering work doesn't really need or involve a PE, except in certain specific areas which most people don't get involved in, so most engineers in those fields don't really think about licensing at all.

  29. He's also able to do propulsion calculations as he had to do then in a meeting with the Russians to demonstrate what payload capacity he needed when he was trying to originally source a Soyuz before SpaceX had built their first rocket.

  30. My dad's like that. No formal training, never went to college, but worked for our county for 30some years, first as a surveyor, but eventually in charge of all the bridges in the county as a county engineer. He retired like 10 or 12 years ago, is in his mid-70s, but can still sit down with a pencil and paper and figure out some fix to something in the house or the yard or whatever. His brain just sees how to use the simplest tools, items, and methods to make things work.

  31. In regards to OP though, Musk has literally no engineering experience. This isn't a gate keeping scenario, he actually could not build anything if he wanted to and never has.

  32. I don't think we're making fun of Musk for not having a degree, we're making fun of him for being a businessman that likes to let people pretend he's an engineer.

  33. Engineer here. Hearing him talk about aerospace he 100% knows what he is talking about. He knows detailed specs on rocket engine design, orbital mechanics, electric motors, and many more topics. He is an engineer in my book.

  34. This post is confidently incorrect. He is in fact the chief engineer at SpaceX and by all accounts he is heavily involved in all major design decisions.

  35. Yeah. Occasionally, the cult of personality forgets haters and lovers are different ends of the same cult. Elon is the chief engineer at SpaceX although he does not have an engineering degree. As an engineer I'd expect he can't hold the title of engineer without a license, but that doesn't diminish his capabilities or expertise. From his interviews the man seems technically well versed in aerospace.

  36. Yeah I think if you asked him about any part in a Falcon 9 rocket or Starship he can probably explain it in detail. There's interviews where he's done like with someone like everyday astronaut. I highly doubt you'll see Tim Cook explaining every part of the iPhone or Jeff Bezos working on the factory floors. A lot of SpaceX employees/contractors at Starbase frequently see Elon.

  37. Elon is an engineer. He knows the work on all of his companies in perfect technical detail. Listen to his interview with Everyday Astronaut. Or this quote from Bill Gates.

  38. So strange that people here just ignore obvious facts to hate on the guy, like I get why people don't like him but the amount of blind hate here is so dumb

  39. As an engineer who formerly worked with Elon a long time ago I can confidently say Elon could be considered an engineer. I've watched him draw electrical schematics, I've watched him do code reviews, and I've watched him talk physics with structures and mechanical engineers. He's a better engineer than most professional degreed engineers in at least 5 engineering domains. This is what makes him all super powerful. His management skills and personality on the other hand are pretty much just average human level which is not saying a lot.

  40. I was heavily down voted for pointing it out, but the majority of engineers and technical folks commenting all agree he's an engineer.

  41. You can watch the videos where he's talking about these topics and he absolutely has that level of knowledge. This post is what deserves entry to this subreddit.

  42. Some of you are angry morons. There’s a lot to dislike about Elon but he’s been doing software engineering since he was a kid. Of course he’s an engineer.

  43. Yeah was going to say, the dude definitely did software engineering. There’s already a lot of reasons to dislike Musk without having to make up fake ones.

  44. He has an education in physics, worked as an engineer, and is still directly involved in a lot of the actual engineering work. That last part has been verified over and over again, but I'm sure I'll get pushback from the same chuckleheads who also think Edison was Satan and Tesla was Jesus Christ Himself.

  45. ITT: a bunch of cry babies that hate on a legitimate engineer just because he holds unorthodox opinions that they don’t agree with

  46. There are plenty of online interviews with current and past serious Tesla and SpaceX engineers testifying that Elon is both the chief engineer and main driver for product design at both companies. You can see a few quotes here

  47. It literally happened overnight, too. I think it all started with him refusing to to close his factory during the pandemic. That hurt internet sjw’s so much that he’s been irremediable ever since.

  48. He was the chief engineer early on in spacex's operations. He's quite literally designed rockets. The irony of this being in

  49. I 100% agree... this is probably the best post on this sub because of how horribly confidentlyincorrect this OP is...

  50. He is an engineer. It is hard for people to comprehend that software engineering (and hardware engineering) is a job like anything else. You don't have to be the best or build something ground breaking to contribute to a team or project. With that said, I wouldn't say he is the greatest of all time

  51. He also has a very good understanding of rocket engineering. He's not the guy who directly designs the rocket parts, but he is very competent.

  52. I swear people on Reddit get genuinely upset when you try to be nuanced about literally anything. It’s not circlejerking when you’re trying to be factual. It’s circlejerking when you write the exact same shit on every post in regards to something.

  53. It’s not just Reddit and it’s the same with everything for some people, right/left, men/women, love/hate someone. People pick a “side”and it’s then mob mentality from there. They will argue anything to make their side “win”

  54. Articles I've read quote the people hired to code for paypal saying they had to rewrite everything he coded.

  55. He's literally "Chief Engineer of Space" you fucking idiots. As if you need a degree to be an engineer in his case. I mean at the very least, he's applying his physics education with his work.

  56. He knows more about mechanical engineering then everyone in this comment section combined. Google “Is Elon Musk a good engineer” and you’ll find testimonials from other professional acclaimed engineers in the industry lauding him for his knowledge

  57. At this point I think it's more cringe. Mainly because, using this post as an example, it's just focusing on all the wrong things. The man is a giant tool, critizice him for that, not for things that aren't true...

  58. Are people so stupid they don't see he's an engineer? No, he isn't doing all the design and work on his own but let's not pretend he isn't one just because you dislike him.

  59. Lol he’s literally the chief engineer of SpaceX and led the technical deployment of Falcon 1. Kind of ironic you would post this here

  60. He is definitely an engineer. I work with engineers who only do design, some who only program, some who only go to site and commission, some who do a combination…. Then you have engineers who do quotes, procurement, those who manage engineers, etc… They all can do some facet of “engineering” work. No engineer is doing it all, there is too much to do.

  61. Honestly no idea why theres no middle ground between people hating him and being absolute fans of the guy, like I dont think he's a bad person but I also dont think he's a saint

  62. Yep. dude can be a clown but without him we wouldn’t have spacex. And no one can discredit what spacex has done for rocket/space industry.

  63. There is, the middle ground people just don’t talk about Elon musk on the internet because they don’t have any strong feelings about him. So it seems like there isn’t one.

  64. I hate Elon as much as the next guy but he’s definitely a software engineer, and he probably knows as much if not more than most aviation engineers even though he doesn’t have formal training, so this is a bit pathetic…

  65. Nor is he great. He’s an out of touch elitist who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth who just happens to like space and memes.

  66. The dude isn't some genius people make him out to be, he's just a wealthy determined guy who lives and die by the saying "if you want things done right, you gotta do it yourself", hence the vertical integration Tesla has taken. His ideas aren't innovative, but his sheer financial will to stray away from the traditional legacy auto manufacturing practices made Tesla what it is today. He's done what other companies are either too broke to do or afraid to do. For that, I respect his tenacity. But a Tony Stark, he is not. He's no engineer, but he definitely understands what goes into it.

  67. Hilarious ironic how confidently incorrect this post is. Elons a computer scientist, aerospace and mechanical engineer. He spend most of his time on engineering not corporate politics.

  68. I can’t decide who is more annoying the Elon simps or people who have a massive hate boner for him.

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