I threw up while blowing my husband

  1. I can guarantee that he won't remember that as "that one nasty time that my wife threw up on me".... He'll remember it as "that one time my wife was going so crazy on my dick that she threw up 😏"...

  2. I mean, not really lol. Maybe if him and the people like you hearing this story have that basic of a mind set lol. “I fucked my wifes ass so hard shit came out” “Hell yeah bro. You’re dick is so huge bro” Yeah dude my wife goes so hard toxic, bodily fluids come out of mouth and ass”

  3. Haha sucks. That happened with my ex. First night she came over she gave me bomb head. During the first few minutes she was going at It and I guess forgot to breathe? She suddenly got up gasping for air lol. She proceeded to go back to It and a couple minutes later I guess she went in too deep and she puked a bit on me. It was all good though. Made for a pretty good laugh for both of us

  4. Hey man, I’ve done it before too. Twice. First time wasn’t too bad, it was just a little, but the second time was a lot. I was mortified when it happened but my bf was a good sport about it too, and we laugh about it now. To make things worse for me though, it was after dinner and I happened to have 2 glasses of red wine that night. My boyfriend said it looked like blood all over his genitalia and that was the most horrifying part, apparently, but I’m sure the vomit running down between his butt cheeks was pretty weird as well.

  5. I did pretty much the same thing a few months ago. It definitely happens, & isn't a big deal at all. Something you'll both get over & hopefully joke about in the futue.

  6. That almost happened to me once. I was giving head to a guy who had an enormously thick dick, and average length. My mouth was opened so wide and I guess it strained my esophagus. I started gagging but was into it and kept going. All of a sudden I felt that acidic taste of throw up from my stomach. Thankfully I just slowed down, swallowed it and kept going, and it didn't turn into full on vomit.

  7. Lmfaoooooo it’s okay I did far worse. EXTREMELY TMI AND GROSS but if it makes you feel better , I had my son about a year ago . Wasn’t cleared for the regular sex yet, but VERY turned on this one day. We decided to try anal instead (nothing new) but I also was on stool softeners because they usually give those to you when you give birth , you can imagine what ended up happening. He was a trooper about it and we were in the bathroom anyways so both just jumped in the shower but we still joke about it to this day. Month ago he wasn’t feeling good and puked on my shoes , I was laughing about it the next morning with him and he was like “well you shit on me that one time so 🤷🏻‍♀️” shit happens.

  8. It happens. I’ve puked on my spouse more times than I’d like to admit, usually after a few drinks (that makes me gag easier I guess 🤷🏻‍♀️) but I’m always mortified while he laughs it off. Try not to worry too much about it. Once my husband was even taking video when it happened. 😬

  9. This is the second time I’ve heard of somebody doing a double gluck gluck on a dude’s peen and mouth vomming all over it

  10. A previous partner threw up while giving me head - for the first time - too hard - in a forest. We still hung out for a year after that. Nothing at all wrong with crossing the line.

  11. See I hate the sound of someone gagging when they give me head and your story is partially why Id rather they just didnt deep throat me.

  12. Hey, you usually have to pay extra for that kinda thing. So apologize for nothing except going the extra mile for your hubby.

  13. It’s over a thousand years old. It’s from the fable of Icarus when he made wings out of feathers and wings and flew to close to the sun and the wax melted and he fell in the ocean and drowned. Great metaphor.

  14. Bruh your husband probably took that as a compliment in some way. He knows his dick game is so good a woman will puke for it now 😂

  15. Hopefully your not the same Redditor that had the shits when trying anal for the first time.. see it could of been worse.

  16. Hey I have done that to an ex. It’s embarrassing but not the end of the world. It happens. Once the embarrassment wears off hopefully you can laugh about it.

  17. LOL! This happened to me, luckily in the shower! 🤣🤣 We were both drunk & I decided to surprise him and i threw up all over. Till this day he doesn’t know it happened because the water was also on and he did t notice 🤣🤣

  18. it happens... guaranteed he secretly feels proud of himself, and glad he married you. don't stress it, shower, wash some laundry, try again.

  19. Happened to me once I was titty fuckin her and she started just giving me head and I was thrusting and she gaged and threw up all over her titties. I didn’t say much just kinda laughed and we cleaned up. But later She had the nerve to tell her cousin that had hooked us up that I threw up on her.

  20. No worries. A lot of men wish their partner would give them bjs with enthusiasm. I think it’s safe to say you get an A++ for effort.

  21. Yeah, don’t sweat it. Know that what is going on in his head is: “do I just finish myself off before I even wash off, or do I wash off first? How quickly can I get it sorted out so they I can clean the sheets for her without my balls exploding?”

  22. My girlfriend has done it twice now. It happens when trying extreme sports. I can guarantee he appreciates the effort put in more than the embarrassment you feel

  23. I did this with my boyfriend while in 69. He didn’t care even, though I have a really bad gag reflex and felt bad. We just wiped it off and kept going, and now we just laugh at the moment and make jokes about it.

  24. I threw up on a well-endowed guy once. As soon as I felt the puke fill my mouth, I tightened my lips around his penis to prevent the vomit from traveling down his shaft and very carefully came up and swallowed my own vomit.

  25. I don’t see the problem here. I’m fact I would probably be more turned on knowing I’m big enough to make her vomit cuz it’s so far back 😁

  26. That’s just how your body reacts to something gross, you’re putting that into your mouth down your throat ofc you’ll vomit.

  27. can i ask how you initiate a blow job under the covers? All I can picture is me trying to sexily go under the covers and just getting stuck and wriggling my way down.

  28. One time when a guy and I had been drinking I was giving him a bj and threw up but not a lot so I slowly went back and swallowed it and he never knew💀

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