Please someone help me.

  1. Since it's affecting your life, it seems it's an actual problem. I'm not sure I understand everything you said. But it seems like it's related to sexual orientation and fetishes so something rather deep. Have you ever thought of seeing a therapist to understand all this better? Idk.

  2. have sex with a man. if you enjoy it, look into it more. if you hate it, then you might not be as attracted to men. the thought of doing something is often better than actually doing it

  3. I used to hate asparagus as a child. Now I love it, with or without butter. Haven’t told anyone yet, kinda waiting for the right moment. Sounds like you’ve discovered neuroplasticity. There is no end to what you can program your brain to do and think and think and feel. Homo sex is no different than asparagus.

  4. That's alright but the boners are getting in my nerves and can't do things I normally do. It's like living in hell and idk how to trick my brain to stop that. It's really hard

  5. Maybe you are bi curious? The bold side of me says you never know unless you try it. I don’t think you should be ashamed of your desires. Thoughts are just thoughts until put into action. My best suggestion would be to do a personal inventory of your values….. the question becomes what is acceptable To you. The body doesn’t lie hun. I feel like naturally our bodies know what is right. Personally I find women more attractive than men, but the relationships are so dramatic and emotional. Not for me! I’m looking for gods peace!

  6. Lots of people find out theyre bisexual at your age. Especially if you just moved out of your parents house or if they pay less attention to you now that you're over 18.

  7. Thank you i will try to do this. Due to anxiety I'm staring at dudes for reassurance but that doesn't helped me anyway. So i will try focus my mind on important tasks. Thank you so much.

  8. There is nothing wrong ik but i need to stop the random boners which I'm experiencing. It is so unpleasant and annoying in which I can't focus on other things. It's going to be hard but i need to find a way somehow.

  9. Hey! Take a breath man. You’ll be okay, this isn’t the end of the world. You need to get your porn addiction under control. Too much porn is bad for your brain, and the more you watch the crazier stuff you’ll start to watch. Cut out all porn, and cut yourself a break. There are things in the world than potentially being attracted to men. YOURE GOING TO BE ALRIGHT!

  10. Noo it's not, I'm really struggling here and I'm thinking to kill myself. Ik this scenario is kinda hard and illogical for me tok but I'm suffering and I'm so desperate rn. If you have any knowledge on this, please help me .

  11. number 1 stop watching porn and get your sensitivity to life back. number 2 there’s nothing wrong with being attracted to men. number three stop saying slurs and seeing everything as a fetish.

  12. This is true, there is nothing wrong being attracted. The main problem is the boner I'm getting when I'm outside. It is literally annoying and I can't focus on other things plus it's kinda hypocritical for me to get turned on by muscular man where I'm aiming to get a muscular body. And I can't focus on other things peacefully. But still I will try my best. Thank you so much.

  13. I kind of relate to this because i used to watch girl on girl porn when i was younger but i never was attracted to girls, it just ‘satisfied’ me more( this is actually so bad because i was a literal child watching this stuff) all my crushes have been guys but lately I’ve just been more open to being attracted to women( i worded that weirdly) and i think it’s because i used to watch lesbian porn but i always sore it more as a fantasy more than an actual thing. Well i stopped watching porn when i found it was bad and its had so many more benefits, just try stay away from it and maybe try journaling about your feelings, its okay to be confused and frustrated about this kinda stuff. i used to be confused whether it was my sexuality or it was fantasies i grew on as a kid. Eitheways ive just gone on to not label myself as anything because interests always change as life goes on

  14. Thank you so much, i will try my best to not watch porn and I will see through myself. It's going the hard but still i will do it .

  15. you should also rethink your sexuality, You shouldnt label yourself as one thing when your clearly struggling with other desires. try masturbating without watching porn just to see what comes to your mind, that should give you a better idea of what you really desire sexually. Theres nothing wrong with exploring just make sure to be safe!

  16. Lots of people watch gay porn & they’re straight! Or really, all sorts of various porn. It’s kind of like drugs, once you try one thing & end up getting bored, you go for harder things. Of course there’s nothing wrong if you do feel attracted to men or non-cis women, but it could explain away your reactions to it if you’re not. Don’t sweat it man. It’s all good. I would take a break from the porn and see where you’re at.

  17. I think just remember man it’s not one or the other for you. You’ve grown up your whole life not being attracted to men. Just because you’re starting to find them attractive now doesn’t mean you don’t still like women. In many places it’s not convenient to be gay and sounds like you’re in one of those areas. So lean more into the sexuality you have been having before this.

  18. Ok brother. For now I will just focus on not watching porn. Still I'm unable to deal with the boners but still I will try my best to control them. The only sad thing is I can't go to gym anymore. That's the thing I love to do but it's my fault so no use in talking about that. Anyway thank you so much.

  19. Tbh I watched tranny/crossdress/trap porn for getting extra pleasure compared to normal porn. I actually got addicted to it for quite some time. But still i didn't have any interest in regular dudes. Now recently for 2 months, i got unwanted boners and anxiety when I see dudes and this still continues. So I'm still in confusion whether it is a sexuality thing or something else. If you have any info on this please help me brother. Anyway thank you so much .

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