What are the best parts in the world for a gaming computer?

  1. probably a toss up between a 5800x3d/12900KS (not the standard K edition) or a 7950x depending on the game. these three average the top 5 CPUs in all PC games at 1080p.

  2. Hello, pc guy here, a bit off topic but what’s the difference between the K and KS? Besides the integrated graphics ofc

  3. I had to learn the hard way about the MSI coolers (I bought one to match my case and motherboard and my temps were HORRIBLE no matter what thermal paste/solution I used). I switched to a Corsair AIO and my temps have been a lot better.

  4. This is not perfect…. 7950X, dual 4090 (ti) (or perhaps AMD counterpart), imprrtant to take the kingpin variant since those will always be so far over the top that you want one, 128gb of 6600 cl28 ram, custom loop with cpu and gpu segregated, cpu with a 480mm push pull rad and the GPU’s with 2 480mm push pull rads. Custom die cooling with special heat pads should be enough to oc to the moon. Also, 5000D and 4000D won’t be enough for those power hungry specs: 1000D will be even better (or a HAF700, although that’s less space for fans). PSU will be important: titanium rated 2000W supplies should come soon, in the meantime you would be stuck with a pesky 1600W titanium rated PSU…. Also any MoBo above $1000 will be way over the top already, so just take the most expensive one.

  5. Sorry to say but you're not gonna get the best parts in the world for 1,500-2K and even if your budget were higher there'd be no point since the 1660 would be a huge bottleneck

  6. When I mean best parts I usually mean quality over performance. I’ve had bad experiences with high performance. They usually die after 2 years cause the quality in materials is bad.

  7. If you're building around a graphics card which you have already then we would need to know the card so we can recommend things which play well with it.

  8. socket 939 athlon 64, nforce 4 motherboard would recommend DFI, 4 gigs of ddr400 (32 bit XP addressable limit) two nvidia 6800GTs in sli of course, can’t go wrong with XFX or EVGA. Half Life 2 absolutely cruises.

  9. There is no best because several companies make parts that are comparable to each other. If you do something silly and buy the top tier product for everything you're really just gonna spend as much money as a car costs to get a PC that plays games slightly better than one that costs several thousand dollars less.

  10. I saw one of your comments as your budget for 1500 - 2000, I play pretty intesive games like MSFS, Arma, DayZ, COD, etc here are my specs excluding my SSDs: (prices in todays market)

  11. Oh all time? I think it's a tossup of a 1080ti or a 4790k. Both of which would have served you well for many years.

  12. Most expensive consumer processor. Most expensive gaming gpu. As much money as you can spend to cool it all in a case that moves air. Psu with enough power overhead. Fastest ram.

  13. I mean your asking for the best in the world for consumer grade? Because this ain’t shit compared to what the uppers have. 😉

  14. Are you trying to start a geek war? This is how Xerox fell, you know. Some guy in the break room asked what could be better than laser printers and they thought for so long that nothing else got done. I bet we can't even agree on the power supply.

  15. parts that work are the best, but then that is a suggestive opinion. some amd, some intel. its all up to what standards you wish to impart.

  16. I have the exact same Corsair case displayed in the picture, looks freaking beautiful but sometimes it's a pain, it gets dirty so freaking fast and it is really easy for dust to come into it. Just FYI.

  17. There's a lot of factors to consider. I chose to prioritize reliability, compatibility and quality. Price was not a concern. This led me to choose Asus, Intel and Corsair parts exclusively.

  18. If the discussion is about "the best gaming hardware in the world," I wouldn't think cost efficiency would be a relative factor.

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