Issue with my PC

  1. Not sure when you bought everything but I'd say you should probably clean the whole thing inside, could just be overheating

  2. The PC parts are expensive. 8 GB of ram, 4 TB of space, AMD cpu, i’m not getting a new one. That’s just money I don’t have.

  3. Check the drive/drives with something like crystal disk info, a free tool that checks the s.m.a.r.t. values of a hard drive. Most of the time, just like most commercial airplanes, hard drives have a black box inside.

  4. Clean it. Fans, heatsink, drives, everything. Get all the dust and cobwebs out of there. Is that the original power supply (also what brand and wattage)? If so, could be failing.

  5. Can be a hard drive issue. Go on a different computer download rufus and Ubuntu iso. Flash Ubuntu into usb. Then boot it on you're computer that causing bsod. Scan the hard drive. Also can you boot up in safe mode with networking working? If so get whocrash but seem this is a hard drive issue. Under safe mode if possible type in cmd on run box. Then type CHKDsk /F. You can attach this drive also to a working computer and enter Windows and scan for info but I rather if I was you I would flash linux to a drive and load it. Then on computer with bsod go connect usb and enter boot menu maybe f12? F8? it will boot the usb to a live envirement. Once do so look for app DISK. Run Disk click on you're hard drive and do a full scan for bad sectors. Everything good then run CHKDSK /F in safe mode.

  6. get a usb thumbdrive and borrow a computer to make a recovery drive. A friend or local library. just type MEDIA CREATION TOOL in the searchbar and follow prompts. If that is running a FX processor it wont have TPM2.0 and would not be able to install windows 11. Download the windows 10 version. once its done go back to your computer and stick it in a usb slot and start it up. If it doesnt start up from the USB drive you might have to go into the bios setting and make the usb the first priority on boot or maybe there is a boot overide option to run usb to boot.

  7. Even i got the same issue when I was using pc suddenly a pop came and for sec screen went black and it got restarted automatically nothin happened more than that

  8. If you’re trying to game, render, program or anything remotely intensive I hate to break it to you but it’s time for a new pc. If you need something fast and cheap get a used optiplex from eBay for like 100 bucks and put a 1650 super in it for 150 and you have something miles ahead of that.

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