Bought 1x16GB RAM to add to my laptop and found a surprise… Had 32GB the whole time!

  1. That's why you open up the laptop and examine it before making purchases. This ensures that you (1) buy the correct and compatible parts (2) make sure the slot is not broken, or not seated incorrectly.

  2. Maybe owner had different ram in laptop before that later he replaced back to default ones and seated one of them wrongly and then when he was going to sell it he saw 16GB instead of 32GB.

  3. I am sorry for raining on your parade, but exactly how do you not know how much ram you have when it's listed and identified in a number of places?

  4. Since the 2nd stick wasn’t fully seated, the computer reported 16GB everywhere, including the BIOS. It wasn’t until I opened it that it was apparent that it was supposed to be 32GB.

  5. Close! Precision 5540, looks pretty much like an XPS though. If I didn’t know any better that’s what I’d guess it was lol

  6. Yeah, I’m keeping the new stick I bought just in case… After a while if there’s no issue I’ll just use the new stick in my wife’s laptop or something.

  7. Just curious if you bought this from someone who never knew or if you bought it new and never questioned that it had half the ram advertised lol

  8. At least you know how to open up a laptop. My MSI was a bear to open up. Hated it every time I did it as I ended up bending/scratching plastic and always ended up with screws that I couldn't tell you where they came from.

  9. I’ve opened my fair share of laptops, I even have a fancy kit from iFixit. Having a “soft” plastic lid opener to slide along the edges is the best thing about it! It doesn’t scratch things and clips don’t break. I usually open my laptops to add storage for something but this particular one I’ve never opened before.

  10. I always make it a habit to open the laptop and check to make sure the slots are even actually there, because I don't trust OEM's not do shady shit like not soldering a RAM slot where it should be.

  11. Not really possible/practical to build a whole laptop. In most decent laptops you can upgrade the RAM and storage devices, (and Wi-Fi card/screen if you’re feeling spicy.) But most everything else is not upgradable.

  12. You cannot build laptops. Too many compatibility issues for manufactures to release standardized parts like they do for desktops.

  13. Your laptop still turn on just not detect that not seated well ram ?. I swear if that was my laptop. It won't turn on at all

  14. All I want to know is; How is it possible to buy a laptop without knowing what you bought? Unless you got it second hand, then congrats indeed.

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