Am I wealthy yet? [OC]

  1. This only works well if you are naturally disposed to being up early. I start crashing around 9 pm and naturally wake at 5 am. Even when I went to another time zone I still did that and DST has been a bane of my existence as it takes a month to adjust for the forced time change.

  2. My body just refuses to get out of bed before 10am. Which is unfortunate because Uni starts at nine.

  3. I’ve heard that they are gonna stop doing DST in the spring. Idk how accurate it is, but if it’s true, it will certainly help me keep my sanity just a little longer.

  4. Yeah, this is one of the biggest annoyances about the modern world and "hustle culture." I took some time off work to work on myself, and I immediately realized our current schedules make no sense. Parents are waking up at 6 to get kids ready and get to work by 9? I go to bed at about 12, and I wake up at 9. Every day is more productive too. Pretending the world can operate on one schedule is complete nonsense. With that schedule, you can't "hustle" your way out of it. The system works against you.

  5. One Saturday I was woken up at 6 AM because a wasp had been stinging me in my sleep, I was tired as shit for the rest of the day, I barely wake before 7 on weekdays

  6. As a person who does a lot of outside work. The morning is a million times nicer in any place that gets hot. Six to two are way better hours to work than ten to six. Seriously one to about five are some of the most brutal hours of the day. Thankfully I work for myself so I can set my own hours and I can actually start and end my day before the heat but every time I’m forced to work through it for a deadline I appreciate the mornings even more.

  7. I think it was not an option to waste any daylight before modern electricity and lights became a thing. Even now, farmers do not really have an option. But why does everyone else (in industrial/non-agricultural economies) still adhere to it, idk. Maybe most people just love sunlight and hate nights :/

  8. I hate getting up early for my job (love the job tho) but whenever I voice how much I hate it everyone says "Oh, but you get the rest of the day to yourself!"

  9. Well I've been doing it for a few decades now but I'm still not "used to it", maybe in another decade?

  10. Yep. My shift starts at 4am. It was a very hard transition, but now I'm used to it. I mean, it sucks, but it sucks the same as when I started at 8am.

  11. Honestly for me it hits me in the evenings. I go to bed usually at 8 and wake up near 340 to 4 in the morning. I like having time to get ready while still being fully rested it's lovely

  12. For me the magic number is 6 AM if I’m lucky enough to wake up at 6 AM I feel totally wake and alert even one minute after 6 AM and I feel like a tired mess

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