Fighting Game Controllers Arms Race

  1. Jesus, don't mention it to people by name! Just knowing about it could condemn you to eternal damnation. Only thing more dangerous than that is making puns about it, which could condemn you to marrying Elon Musk.

  2. Hitboxes are all the rage in the FGC these days, meanwhile, I dropped my stick and went back to pad. lol I may be a pleb, but I'm slowly climbing again!

  3. Depending on the game Pad is popular with pros, doesn’t really matter what your using, if you suck with pad, doesn’t mean you’ll be better or your current skill level with something else.

  4. I mean, you are also upgrading to a better input device. Pros agree that pad and hitbox are about equivalent input methods, and classic fight sticks are a hindrance.

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  6. Not only do I refuse to help bring it into being but the basilisk can bite it's own ass, you can quote me on that. If it turns me to stone I'll be statued flipping both birds

  7. They're called leverless controllers, HitBox is the largest brand but there are other manufacturers who make leverless controllers that aren't HitBox.

  8. the logical next step is to study your opponent and their habits to pre-program a set of moves to perfectly counter their every input

  9. I remember when I got a Nostromo gaming keypad to play WOW. A good friend of mine who was a highly ranked PVP player recommended it to me.

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