any guesses? waiting on created colorful results!

  1. I feel like the brighter bolder colors are bringing out your features and skin tone better. The yellow, pink, off white, the second dark blue, and the purple all look good.

  2. Ugh you have such a sweet and genuine smile that even your pics with your “bad” colors look great! Why you make analysis hard op? Lol but seriously, some type of winter.

  3. I am against the yellow, and I think I am in the minority! It suits your personality, but the color is glaring off of your skin and casting strange shadows, and overall making you turn yellow as well. The muted pink had a similar effect, but wasn't as bad. The best colors were the deep and bright blue, the dark green, and the deep purple, which all looked lovely on you! My guess would be true or dark winter. I see some warmth in your overtone, but that blue really cooled you down!

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