I’m conflicted. What do you see?

  1. i feel like complex colours are better, and your complexion seems to have some depth. Not sure what this points to... I agree with the other poster that you wear orange surprisingly well, but I don't know if its an ideal tone either, hard to say!

  2. That black, dark purple, red, and silver/grey seem to make you pop the most. When you wear them your skin looks clear and glowy, you’re not overpowered, you look awake and healthy. It’s very harmonious. You definitely seem like a Deep/Dark Winter to me (sister season is Dark Autumn!)

  3. Also silver looks more harmonious on you whereas gold tends to sit in your skin. Another thing to look for is how colors like the first gold/orange color tend to bring out dark circles or any face splotches (even if they’re not really there). I think your worst season would be Spring or Summer. But you can definitely pull a few colors from Deep Autumn. Hope this helps and good luck! :)

  4. That's tough! You look great in dark colors, including black, and in the turquoise, but you're able to wear orange surprisingly well, especially the more muted one. Deep Autumn maybe?

  5. You definitely look better in bright colours. That blue shade in the first slide looks amazing on you! I think you could be true autumn

  6. You look better in the deeper colors for sure. Based on your skin’s reaction to the orange in slide 1, I think you’re deep winter. You could probably borrow some colors from deep autumn (such as purples and blues) and maybe some of the darker, brighter colors from true winter. I like the silver on you, but you can probably pull off the lighter, paler gold. Pewter might look good, too.

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