Pretty Sure I'm an Autumn, but Unsure on Subseason

  1. I don’t think you’re warm. Compare the way your complexion looks in the royal purple vs. the terracotta. The former is so harmonious and flattering. You also look stunning in black. My vote is for deep winter.

  2. I’m still new at typing people but to my eye you look stunning in the dark cooler purple shades. Winter came to mind for me and you do look olive.

  3. I’m convinced your cool. The whites make your face so much brighter than the creams and the cool tones browns are really nice. Your metal test wasn’t the best either, I’m cool toned and gold looked the same on me. Definitely deep as well.

  4. Agree with the other comments saying you're cool. You have been confused by your yellow overtone which is extremely common to have in neutral cool seasons, and most people, including makeup artists and colours analysts, don't know the difference between a warm undertone and a warm overtone.

  5. You are 100% cool toned. You look amazing in the blues, purples and pinks. The yellows, oranges and some of the reds do not flatter you. Explore cool tones and silver for a while and see how it feels?

  6. Deep autumn if autumn. The bright and light yellows looks a little off, so mabye chak out deep winter too? 🤔 not that I know a lot tho! You seem to be too high contrast for a true soft autumn but I am not sure I understand the soft/bright myselfe.

  7. Thank you! I don't like yellow on myself either, (as you can see I didn't have much yellow or orange to pull from) but I thought it was just because it was too close to my skin tone. My skin is very yellow, which I thought meant I was warm toned so I couldn't be a Winter? Maybe I'm misunderstanding.

  8. I’m trying to figure out how anyone can deny your olive. Anyway, I think the deep saturated colors highlight your features. The bottom right brown is a++ I also think deep winter. I pull from

  9. I think you’re deep winter!! I’m also an olive with noticeable yellow in my skin and was convinced I was warm for the longest time because I’d always get foundation matched to warm shades even though they never matched me correctly/looked yellow on me. I think it’s because I would typically go with my mom to makeup counters and they’d typically assume Asian = warm. I’ve finally found my perfect foundation match this year and it’s cool-toned!

  10. Yeah, I'm coming to terms with the fact that I have olive skin. It's definitely yellow (I guess that's my overtone) but I am now noticing gray-green shadows in the contours of my body. I don't think I am truly cool-toned. I have both. So I guess I'm neutral.

  11. I think you're a deep Autumn. The very light colours are too grey/desaturated for you and dull you down, I think. The colours with more chroma look lovely, even if they're not quite as dark. I'd say if you wanted more "light", top right options would be as light as I would go, but the bottom two options on each slide are my pics for you. :)

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