Just out of curiosity, does my wardrobe fit any specific season?

  1. Seems like a mix of Soft Autumn and True Spring colors. There’s both muted and bright tones, but everything is pretty warm and light.

  2. This is interesting because I like this palette a lot for myself even though she and I have very different coloring. I’m fair-light and neutral, medium contrast, and have freckles. I think warmer colors make me look youthful :)

  3. Just like the title says, I’m wondering if my clothing choices could constitute a particular season. This is about half of my wardrobe, the other half being black, dark browns, dark olives, and dark oranges because I live in a place that has winter and I like the variety at different times of the year. The dark shades do not suit me nearly as well so I pretend they don’t exist until the sun starts going down before dinner time.

  4. I see a lot of Autumn. True Autumn, Soft Autumn, Light spring, a little True Summer in the dusty rose, and Light Summer in the light blue. All over the place. What do you like?

  5. I like all of this, I am very intentional when I buy clothes. I don’t buy it if I don’t love it which includes being nitpicky about color. I probably look worst in cool clear saturated shades like cobalt or magenta. Most cool bright toned red lipsticks also pull really berry or pink on me but warm bright tones pull really orange. I should drape but I need to fix my lighting situation first, it’s very dim and makes me look gray.

  6. i have a coat like the fluffy brown one that i bought when i was 19, but only recently i discovered i am actually a true winter LOL!

  7. Well screw it if you like the way it looks and feels then you should just go for it. There’s nothing cozier than a fluffy neutral colored coat for crisp weather.

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