Wear shower shoes please

  1. Probably something like MRSA or Staph. They’re both resistant to antibiotics iirc, and they’re getting more common. One of my dormmates got MRSA in his face (open wounds from acne) and nearly died

  2. unbelievably rare for something like this to happen. you have to have some sort of immune issue or poorly controlled diabetes to worry about amputation

  3. Ok there was definitely more that happened here between showering barefoot and getting his foot amputated. The bigger lesson here is probably to go to the doctor if you’ve got some kind of big infection that neosporin isn’t helping.

  4. yup!! sad that in the US today, people might end up avoiding or waiting on medical care because it costs to much.

  5. That person most definitely also had a wound on his foot, and not an insignificant one. Probably also ignored signs of infection for a while. You won’t get your foot amputated just by walking in a communal shower.

  6. My dad got an infection like this growing up because he had a blister on his foot. In his case it was worse because he also had a broken toe from kicking a football. The infection that got in the blister traveled to his broken bone and gave him osteomyelitis. He ended up having one of his metatarsals totally removed and was very close to getting his foot cut off, and was in the hospital for like two months and on crutches for some insane amount of time. He's now 80 and has a weird floating toe that isn't connected to a bone in his foot.

  7. To be fair, he probably had a wound on his foot, it got infected, and he didn’t see a health professional in time. You don’t just get your foot amputated from a shower floor. I still feel very sad for him though, hope he recovers well- physically and mentally.

  8. To be fair, USA doesn't have universal health care and as a result this student mightve been more likely to avoid seeking the health professional in time.

  9. Flip flops are so cheap at almost every store just buy some damn. Or take the slides you wear outside with socks on like they are actual shoes and out them to their proper use as shower shoes.

  10. One of my roommates doesn't wear shoes in the shower (you can tell because there's a gap like 10 inches above the ground between shower stalls) and my other roommate and I have been too embarrassed to tell her 😬 she's just asking for athlete's foot at the very least. The weirdest part is that she'll wear flip flops to the showers, but then take them off and leave them outside the shower stall??? We don't know why.

  11. If you’re talking about this happening from the dorm showers, this is probably why they recommend you to wear shower shoes in the dorm showers.

  12. A boy recent died after swimming and getting a brain-eating pathogen. Never swim guys. It’s not that hard!

  13. Yep, when I was living in the dorms I always made sure to wear my shower slippers every time I went to use the bathroom.

  14. Live in a 4 person, 1 shower dorm, and I don't use shoes solely because we spray/ wipe the shower after every use. We shower at pretty well scheduled times, so spraying the thing down with lysol every shower works well and we stay safe

  15. HOW? Do you live in the dorms and share bathrooms? Please tell me you wear flip flops or crocs or SOMETHING

  16. Even sharing a bathroom with one other person (pod style bathrooms and I lucked out sharing only with one other person who also lives in a single) the crocs stay ON.

  17. Are you from the United States? Bills for the ER tend to start in the four digits, and can average to around five. I had to go twice this year (severe food poisoning and seizure) and my total without insurance would have been $26,000. If I were a student, that would be 2 years of tuition and a bad start to my credit score. I get why people don’t go until they really have to, especially broke college kids.

  18. If you’re under 26 though you can be on your parents insurance. Also you can get insurance through the ACA or Medicaid. There’s no reason to have NO insurance

  19. are we supposed to wear our shower shoes WHILE we shower too or just before and after we get in and out of the shower?

  20. My sister had an infection like that in her foot that went into her blood and became a whole body infection. She nearly died from it. She is mentally ill and stubborn as hell. She refuses to go to the doctor until it is almost impossible to fix the problem. Then she wonders why they cant just fix it real quick. Family members had to force her to go with us to the hospital. They saved her life but had to use a whole month of an IV treatment with antibiotics in it. The drawback to that is that she now has damaged kidneys for the rest of her life from the harshness of the antibiotic that was used. They amputated part of her toe also. If she was not stubborn and gone to the doctor the first week that she had the infection, they would have given her a standard antibiotic and fixed it within a week and she would have been good as new in no time. The lesson is, don't be a stubborn bonehead or a person with bad hygiene. These types of things really do not need to happen and are often easy to fix as long as you catch it early on.

  21. I’m in college now but I used to be in the Army. I watched a guy not wear flip flops or anything at NTC in the showers at ruba and I’ll never forget it. Lol

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