Professor made me retake test but replaced my new grade with original - Advice Wanted

  1. It sounds like the professor's thought process was that your result on the retest proved you didn't cheat on the original test, but that it wouldn't be fair to give you the improved grade unless everyone else got a chance at taking the test again.

  2. That's annoying. I'd reach out to your professor and talk about it. I was in the same situation when I was accused of cheating. We used a program called proctorio and it caught me looking elsewhere. I was babysitting a 5 month old while my sister was in the hospital. Professor said that I was cheating and I told them that since you are 100% let's take this to the next level and have the academic misconduct committee make a decision because I'm not going to take another exam just to satisfy you - their claim was unfounded and they dropped it. I was not cheating and they agreed.

  3. I don’t quite understand your teachers approach, but it sounds to me like they asked you to retake the test essentially to prove that you knew the material, and if you could do comparably in one hour, then maybe the first test was legitimate. Theoretically you did have time to study more, so I can kind of understand why they would choose to allow you to get that first test score rather than recording it as a zero because of what they perceive as a cheating incident.

  4. Sounds like a miscommunication in what the intention was of the second test was? To me if she didn’t change your grade it may have just been to make sure you weren’t cheating and not actually for a mark. If it’s basic biology, I definitely wouldn’t worry about it.

  5. Yes, if your facts are truthful as you describe them (and I'm sure they are), you are absolutely entitled to the second grade on the test. But how do you deal with this problem? That's the issue.

  6. I agree with this approach. In my honest opinion it’s not worth the time / persistence to get the grade changed since it’s OP’s last semester anyway and OP is not at risk of failing or anything. But it OP wants to pursue it, this is the comment I’d suggest.

  7. Agreed, this approach is the best. I find it absolutely ridiculous that the professor took the route she did, without communicating whether the first or second test score would be recorded, giving OP half the time to take it, etc. But taking a professional approach in response to this issue. Talk to the professor first, sharing what was mentioned here, and then take it higher up if she refuses to compromise and this grade is important to you.

  8. I'm so sorry this happened. It's definitely not right. I remember my daughter had to take an online test once with one of those monitoring systems and it was annulled because she looked somewhere else at one point. I know for a fact she was not cheating. (It was a placement test and she had no material to cheat with.) But in her case, no one accused her of cheating. They were polite and just said the test had to be annulled and retaken and please be careful and make sure you don't look around next time. She did fine the second time.

  9. These programs are ridiculous. You expect me to stare at a screen for 2 hours straight? No way in hell even if I'm in a blank room with no one else

  10. I hate proctored exams. I may work in IT, but I don't even use a camera for that, let alone for an exam!

  11. Last semester? Tbh I’d just move on with my life. I don’t think it’s worth fighting about unless the professor goes further with cheating claims or something like that

  12. I would raise the complaint to the dean. I'm sick of professors not realizing students are the customers. Accusing someone of lying or cheating the way I was raised it fighting words. Who knows what her personal motivations were. Honestly why does she care so much especially in a 101 class. I would raise it to the dean, and out a review online. I would also insist my grade be replaced as you were required to do extra work and only half the time. As someone in tech I really hate this lock down browser crap so much.

  13. Complaining to the dean is the quickest way to get a complaint dismissed. You go to the department chair first, and to the dean only if the professor happens to be the dean. Jump the chain of command and everyone you talk to will throw it off to someone else.

  14. The dean is the last person you go to. Do not go over the professor’s head without trying to resolve it with the teacher. The hierarchy is different at each school but there are two or three levels before going to the dean. The first statement you should make when approaching the dean is I talked to my professor a couple times to try to resolve it but we failed to reach a resolution so I went to the chairman and was not able to reach a solution as well, etc. I hope that you can help me to find a reasonable resolution to this problem. Honestly, you don’t want your first experience with the dean be complaining. I would try to create a positive experience before needing to complain as they would remember you in a positive light. There are events that the deans attend or is an honors guest and sometimes students are invited. Try to go to those events and introduce yourself.

  15. Having a customer mindset in college will het you nowhere. Students are not “customers.” What are you buying? You’re paying for the opportunity to earn degree, you are not directly buying any product.

  16. I might be on the other side to everyone else, but if you were looking at a baby monitor, then you weren't following test conditions. Nothing should change when you're at home and taking a test. Your examiner needs to be able to see you looking only at the test in front of you. Just like how in an exam hall you can be disqualified for simply looking in other direction than your paper, your result can be disqualified when not looking at your test at home. In both instances whether you cheated or not would not matter. In fact, having a phone on you during an exam is an instant disqualification most times even though good luck being able to look at your phone in an exam hall - insanely difficult not to be spotted doing it.

  17. While I see what you mean and can rationalize why you’re saying it, it still doesn’t excuse the Professor taking away op’s points. If op had scored lower the professor would have changed her score to the new one, how is it fair to do the opposite. if the professor doesn’t have any actual proof of misconduct, why should they get to force a retest and then just rob op of her time and effort?

  18. Depends how far along in the class you are for me. Beginning of the course then it's absolutely a conversation that I'd have to have with the professor, or above if you don't get anywhere with said professor. If it's the final test and your overall grade doesn't change then it's more trouble than it's worth. GL

  19. I'd make an official complaint. Submit just what you put here. If she did it to you she'll do it to somebody else.

  20. If the extra points raise your final letter grade, then do a grade appeal at the end of the semester. Take screen shots of all communication and build your case.

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