why do you use cocaine regularly?

  1. I don’t actively use daily because it will destroy ur heart, nose & brain very quickly, but it’s addiction for me that has sucked me into the brief stints of daily binging that I’ve gone through over the years off & on. I personally don’t much enjoy the drug, it’s probably my least favorite of everything I’ve tried, but it has a unique way of suckering you into the cycle of addiction. It’s kind of a medicinal ADHD cure for me in small doses, & that’s probably why it’s hooked me so many times. Makes me feel more like me in some ways, aside from the physical side effects ie heart racing, shakiness, cold clammy hands, etc etc. More focus, better mood, more fun to talk with people than stay silent, more energy to do shit. Then 20 mins later it’s time for more lol

  2. Its a bad cycle. It gives me an intense dopamine dump, which then gets depleted, then I go into a depression, just to wait to get high again.

  3. Because I can’t stop. It’s not me doing coke anymore, it’s coke doing me. Reduced to 1 time a week but still feel pretty sad about it.

  4. So I do a 0.5 (in one sesh) and my nose stays irritated and stopped up for a week, why? The purity isn’t the issue because everyone else enjoys it… any tips? It doesn’t happen every time but definitely did the last time

  5. It’s great for when I have to put in long hours on a mundane project which doesn’t require a lot of brain power or creativity but has a lot of repetitive tasks or actions that takes several hours complete. Great for staying focused and awake for boring tasks.

  6. At first it was something I tried because of parties but it very quickly became an everyday thing I use to cope. I have depression. It numbs a lot of things for me & I think that’s why I am addicted. I’m going to try to stop soon though. I know it’s going to be hard to break.

  7. Oh, baby, you need to seek professional help in quitting. I perfectly understand you, but you are at a point where you have devastated your health. Coke is not worth it, no matter how awesome it is. 😘

  8. I don’t… I do it maybe once a month or twice on average. So it hits hard every time I do it. Now I took a 2 months brake by accident and gonna do some next week🙌🏼bout to be fun

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