Dealer offered me 0.3 of their “uncut” coke <3

  1. They never said it was pure tho!! That’s why I said ““uncut””, I have a great relationship with my dealer and their pretty opened to me about cuts, when I say “uncut” I’m saying that I buy it without my dealers cut (cause I know it’a probably cut by my dealer’a dealer before they get it) but when I go pick up I always hang out with them a little, when I get the “regular” stuff, it’s already in little bags, when I get the “uncut” shit, I almost always see them taking it straight from the brick, and the quality is great!!

  2. The best coke I have honestly ever had was when the dealer felt sorry for me because me and my mate were drunk and decided to sell my awesome smart TV to him for (I think it was ) 1 and half grams.

  3. My dealer is pretty opened to me about it, and as I’ve said they only sell the “uncut” shit to a few customers, I’ve tried both, and 1G of the regular stuff lasts me like 3-5H alone, 1G of the “uncut” lasts me like 6-7H sharing with my bf. ( I say “”uncut”” cause I know it’s probably already cut with something before it gets on my dealers hands)

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