Why the heck am I getting chest pains?

  1. started getting the same thing around the 2 year mark. I just figured it was my heart telling me to slow down. Listen to your body, wait on the next rip if you notice your pulse getting too high and/or irregular beating until it cool down lol. If you don't have other pre existing heart conditions, you should be okay just be careful and safe :)

  2. Being big has nothing to do with it because you could have a underlying heart condition without knowing and same goes for us all. Unless one did a full body scan, we don't know what it is and the most of us are playing Russian roulette with 3 bullets in the chambers instead of one! Just a few days a go i was looking at that plate with cocaine thinking, death is just the next few lines away when you think about it. Yous still a young kid but even that don't mean shit if your plug got greedy and decided to spice your shit up with some extra's you heard. Stay safe and listen to your body because death is only the next few lines away!

  3. You should probably get a cardiologist and risk assessment for a cardiac cath to make sure you don’t have any major vessel occlusions.

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