in your opinion Whose fights do you find the most entertaining and has the best choreography

  1. Y’all need to understand that Chozen is clearly the best fighter. So much so that the writers literally had to power him down with booze so that Silver could stand a chance.

  2. Tanner is really athletic, faster, stronger and flexible so it makes it entertaining when he fights . Same goes to Jacob.

  3. Thomas Ian Griffith’s kicks are always on point. He has the best choreography given he’s a TKD black belt. As for fight scenes I love anything with Robby and hawk and Miguel tho Chozen is hype to watch

  4. Robby and Hawk by far. Their natural athleticism and aggression have left them with the best fighting scenes. Especially Hawk. The girls are so slow.

  5. Hawks because I love how much of his character is in his moves. The way he throws that first hit when him and demetri start running with the tablet is great

  6. I really enjoy and like watching robby and his fights he’s very skilled and athletic not saying the others aren’t but I’m always entertained and enjoying robby when he fights

  7. Terry and Chosen. They have the best fights and the final fight between them was so insanely epic. Battle of legends.

  8. the show makes terry silver look pretty damn invincible. even in the movies he was whipping ass. besides that robbie and miguel’s fights are always well done.

  9. silver and his 'huzzah' sure is entertaining, plus he does have very highly skilled enemies which makes just adds to the fun

  10. Honestly, even though it was just 3 fights, I’ve been enjoying Mike’s the most. All of them are fast paced, aggressive and just straight to it. Very amusing to say the least

  11. Easily Robby. His actor is probably the most athletic out of all the kids and as a result he has to most fast paced and entertaining fight scenes

  12. Miguel, Hawk and Robby by far. Robby has a slight edge tho, his athletic capability allows for some pretty acrobatic and interesting fight choreography that we don't really see with other characters. The Prison fight being a prime example.

  13. he's not up there but I just really liked that when he wasn't getting sidelined by a cheap shot, Mike Barnes pretty much instantly defeated 3 of the sensei's pretty much without even trying

  14. I like the Kenny fight when he gets whooped by Robby. If only Miguel did more to humble him. It would've been great if Miguel knocked Kenny on his ass and then says "stay down," and Kenny just sat there in shock.

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