Question? would you say hawk's defense is better then Miguel's seeing after Johnny and Daniel separate in episode 5 of season 4 Hawk choose to continue to train in miyagi do while Miguel trained in eagle Fang?

  1. I think Hawk had better defense, not by much but he picked it up quick. In S5 it’s a tossup though

  2. I think Hawk was just the better fighter at this moment. He didn’t even go on offense and Miguel couldn’t touch him

  3. Their defense seemed comparable. During the early parts of season 4 (episode 3) we were given a demonstration of Eagle Fang defense and offense as well as Miyagi-Do defense and offense during their training session on the sparring deck.

  4. Hawk just can’t join Miyagi Do for no reason. I personally think he joined Miyagi Do because after training under both sensei’s he must’ve thought he does better with defense than offense.

  5. Miguel has an underrated defense, and it was leagues ahead of Hawk's essentially nonexistent defense. Hawk literally used to never block.

  6. With S4 finale, I think Hawk had a slight upper-hand. JUST watched that ep, he was so great in the whole tourney (besides skills, of course.)

  7. I can answer this question. I would say Miguel’s defence is slightly better, since I trained one on one with him many times. Eli’s defence is pretty solid as well, though.

  8. i personally don’t think hawks defense is better than miguel’s defense in my honest opinion. while hawk did train in eagle fang longer than hawk did miguel still learned and knew defense i mean it could be possible but we haven’t really seen them with a strong defense style

  9. Miguel has better offense, he was with Johnny the entire time. The only thing he learned with kreese was how to play dirty. Their defense is equal. You can see it in both seasons.

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