What is your favorite fight from each season?

  1. Season 1: The Cafeteria Fight (Miguel VS Kyler and his gang). After five episodes of Miguel getting brutally bullied, we finally get to see him kick their butts. It was worth the wait. Also, in a blink and miss it moment we get to see our first hint at Sam having a darker/strike first mentality (she gets ready to hit Kyler before Miguel steps in, foreshadowing her season 4 arc).

  2. Season 1 - Miguel vs Robby Season 2 - School Fight Season 3 - Johnny and Daniel vs Kreese Season 4 - Robby vs Eli Season 5 - All the fight scenes in the final episode

  3. Season 1: the tournament Season 2: school brawl Season 3: Daniel vs Kreese Season 4: Johnny vs Terry Season 5: Daniel vs Terry

  4. Season 1: Miguel vs bullies Season 2: Robby and Sam vs Hawk and cobra Kai at the mall Season 3: Hawk switches sides Season 4: Hawk vs Robby finals Season 5: Miguel vs Robby

  5. Season 1- Miguel vs Kyler and co in the cafeteria (the first clip I ever saw from Cobra Kai, which eventually got me interested into watching it)

  6. Season 1: hawk vs dog Season 2: coyote creek Season 3: kreese vs his old fuck of a leader Season 4: Daniel vs Johnny Season 5: robby and Johnny vs the ufc guys

  7. S1: Miguel vs. Robby All Valley S2: School right/Daniel vs. Johnny S3: House fight/Daniel vs. Kreese S4: Sam vs. Tory All Valley S5: Chozen vs. Silver/Daniel vs. Silver

  8. Season 1: Miguel vs The bullies Season 2: Miguel vs Hawk (coyote creek) Season 3: Kreese and Robby vs Jonny and Daniel Season 4: Jonny vs Daniel, Miguel vs Hawk (tie) Season 5: Miguel vs Robby, Chozen vs the sensei’s (tie)

  9. S1 Miguel v Kyler and da bois (cafeteria one where miggy kicked some ass) S2 Hawk v Demetri (in the school fight) S3 Daniel v Chozen S4 cobra kai v hawk's Mohawk S5 Fight at Terry's house

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