Could you imagine how strong hawk would be if he didn't leave cobra Kai and was trained by Silver.

  1. Obviously weaker. If the sensei needs to bribe the referees to give off the illusion of victory, then clearly his training methods are inferior.

  2. That only happened in one match, Tory and Sam both got 3 points on eachother and Tory was holding back because of her convo with Amanda. In Hawk vs Kenny, even if Hawk got the point and Kenny used a normal punch instead of silver bullet the score would be 2-1.

  3. In the karate kid movies and on the show, Cobra Kai fighters have been shown to have defense, just like Miyagi-Do has offense. They're both complete styles.

  4. when you say no defense, even though cobra kai style is focused on offense, it must of course still have a small level of defense to even function as a martial art

  5. Meh, he'd still lose, Terry and his associates will always lose in the end. Better off to go Miyagi-Do, they'll always come out on top 😌

  6. for people who are dont think hawk would be stronger . hawk would be picking up miyagi do from robby and would probably be the best miyagi do user other than robby in the cobra kai dojo , silver would also teach hawk to be more cautious and thinking which would basically make his offense way better than miguels even though in canon it still is . however with the silver bullet he would be able mid diff miguel and robby

  7. Finally someone who gets it lol, if Silver bullet from KENNY dropped Robby like it did who should be near equal to Miguel, imagine what Hawk's(who should be equal to or better than them in this timeline) would do to them if it lands(which it would 8/10)

  8. Hawks offence is not better than Miguel’s , he lost to Kenny , a freshman as a senior . He wasn’t even able to out offence him so I don’t know what u mean. Miguel literally bodied Kenny the next episode . Also I doubt that Silver would even teach him the silver bullet since the only reason he taught it to Kenny as a trump card since Hawk , Miguel and Robby were there and because he saw Kenny as a stand in for himself which he couldn’t do for Hawk because he isn’t an underdog like Silver was.

  9. I think that would be interesting if that did happen. Because hawk and Terry both have alot of confidence and if kreese didn't except robby into ck like he did hawk would've stayed and that would've been better instead of having kenny and kyler the main villains for the students they could've had hawk and kyler instead. Because kyler seemed alright since miguel was injured and kyler could've actually been a good fighter in the series but I feel like they sidelined him to the point where it's not that impressive when someone beats him

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