Is this sub real?

  1. 🤣😅😅😂😅🤣🤣😅😂😂 The real question should be are people stupid enough to believe that giving governments more money is going to change the changing climate? 🤔 “Psst, we gotta get rid of the medieval warm period if we are going to sell this snake oil to the masses”. 🤣😅😂

  2. Just to clarify about "giving governments more money", only state and federal governments* need to tax in order to generate revenues. The federal government prints its own money. It is a fiat currency. That is, there is no real 'national debt' the way news agencies make it appear. Debt is simply a term for the bonds that are used to offset the printing of currency to reduce inflation. (It is all a trick to prevent shocks from large spending bills.)

  3. Obviously a deep state lizard man trying to erode the morale of righteous free thinkers with petty ad hominem attacks, WE WILL NOT BUDGE, LIZARD MAN 🦎🚫

  4. Let me check if it is real by asking you what is the formula for determining how fast a CC of H20 will rise 1C when surrounded by air containing X ppm of CO2?

  5. The Earth is not in a water canopy. Your example also neglects the input of energy. That is, an energy source would need to be within your experiment. Our atmosphere is primarily made of nitrogen, and a smaller portion is oxygen. I am not sure where your need for water comes into play. It is also unnecessary to perform lab experiments when we have empirical evidence.

  6. I don't see how people who claim to have brains in their heads can still be buying-in to AGW bullshit. After predictions of a doom-to-all hurricane season because of climate change it turns out instead to be one of the quietest of years. But alarmist doomsters will never admit defeat so they've changed tacks - maybe fewer hurricanes but more intense. GARBAGE. Honestly, if you're still buying into that shit then you have to be A) scientifically illiterate, B) gullible, or C) outright stupid.

  7. I look at the best available official figures, which show that global temperature has risen by about 1 degree Celsius in the last 100 years. So that would be a rise of about 0.01 degree per year. Yes that is a temperature rise.

  8. Except that the rise is not linear. The rise keeps accelerating, and the acceleration will continue as long as we're emitting unnatural quantities of greenhouse gases.

  9. Yes, 1º C average temperature rise is a reasonable estimate for the past 100 years. That would only be .01 degrees per year. However, that is a global average. Ice at -1º C becomes water at 1º C. That is only a difference of 2 degrees. But when discussing global averages, these can be represented as much more impactful at local levels. In addition, the trends are moving towards increased warming. That is, we are seeing an increase decade over decade.

  10. The sub is real, but many of the accounts are 50-cent army types paid by the true climate deniers who think that the sun has absolutely zero impact on the planet 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. I mean, you already make yourself look dumb by saying "global warming" when some places are getting colder and some are getting hotter. Also it's called climate skeptics, not climate deniers you fucking climate fascist. And yes, there are a lot of discrepancies between climatologists about the actual state of the climate given that most studies don't even account for the CO2 intake of plants

  12. The difference is that the globe earth can actually be proven objectively. Climate change? Well, I got a computer model I'll sell 'ya.

  13. I've seen your comments a few times now. You seem pretty sure of yourself. Tell you what, I haven't ripped up one of you people in a few weeks now so I hope you'll volunteer for a debate. You tell me why you buy-in to AGW and I'll show you how you don't know what you're talking about. You game?

  14. its not just stupid people, its also smart misinformed people, people denying it for personal profit, denying it for polytical or religious reasons,... Dont put them all in one bag.

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