Finally got myself the muscle car of my dreams!

  1. Tha back half of the x frame has 55 frame rails welded on “narrowed”. Ford 9” with 4.71s. Muncie m20 4 speed. Ugh. I still can’t imagine driving it.

  2. Thank you thank you! 472 big block, stock bottom end, old junk heads, blower cam, big ol tunnel ram with (2) 2 barrel 600 edelbrocks. Muncie 4 speed, Ford 9” with 4.71s. 31x18 m/t sportsman’s!

  3. need a couple of 50 lb sandbags out back. Had me a 78 Ford because I had 4 kids and coached Little league. It had a 460 BB. The kids called it the Dragon Wagon. Lots of luck with your 63 Bow Tie. Wish it was mine. Highest compliment I could pay you.

  4. Was just talking to my wife about '63 Impalas this morning. She asked if I would ever trade my '60 Studebaker Wagon for one. The Impala is a dream car of mine and the Stude was my uncle's and been in the family since the mid 60's when he won it in a poker game. Anywho, starting to ramble...

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