What the heck is “Ohio style pizza”?

  1. Northeast Ohio has Brier Hill pizza; peppers in the sauce, olive-oil crust, a bit heavier. Sunrise Inn in Warren serves what I think is the best of it. I think they tried to branch out in Columbus, don't know if it worked or not.

  2. It’s “Ohio style” because the fringes of the pizza actively work against the best interests of the rest of the pizza to be wonderful…?

  3. It’s a pizza that’s cooked without cheese on it and the cheese is added right before you eat. I looks like it needs to still be cooked to me

  4. It’s good shit!! That’s one of my local joints that has blown up. It’s a sweeter sauce, extra cheese and an almost a Detroit style crust but round. But cut in squares. It’s quirky I know.

  5. I recently studied this while discovering Chicago, Detroit and New York. Ohio style pizza is a pizza that is a standard thin-ish crust with sauce and a little bit of cheese put on, cooked, and then when pulled out more cheese and toppings are put on to “melt” onto the pizza.

  6. It's having the sauce, cheese, and toppings cover almost to the edge. Traditional pizza can have an inch+ of crust before you touch sauce or cheese.

  7. So tired of fuckheafers trying to make everything sound so fucking unique to make a buck or sound legot/cool

  8. Ohio valley style pizza is a cheese pizza with cold toppings added at the end to preserve fresh taste. I am a lifetime Ohio resident. I’ve never had Ohio style pizza. Definitely regional within Ohio.

  9. Speaking of pizza in Cincy, what’s your favorite pizza joint in the city? I lived there for 5 years and couldn’t find a single up to par New York Slice. Goodfellas is alright if you get it fresh but I’m trying to find some good shit!

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