Solid Rock Church, ladies and gentlemen. What a tool.

  1. Oh yea. I'm not originally from Ohio. Had no idea this monstrosity existed. First time I ever saw Big Butter Jesus (aka Touchdown Jesus) it was a total shock. All I could think about was the final scene in the Charlton Heston version of Planet of The Apes

  2. Yes. Insurance paid for the new one too. It is rumored that the owner paid for the original one with cocaine money.

  3. I drive by SRC and Big Jesus everyday. The church never skipped a beat during the covid. They never stopped their services.

  4. As a Monroe high school graduate and a previous resident of the subdivision the ranch backs up to, I was always disgusted that they zoned the area for more shitty warehouses and parking lots.

  5. I don't know about cocaine, but LB used to breed and sell horses way back when. It's been quite a while since they've had much as far as I am aware, likely since just before his passing.

  6. Yup. My pastor growing up was always careful never to bring up politics because of that. And also because it just makes sense, as a pastor you have to be willing to welcome anyone that walks through the door. Unfortunately a lot of churches and Christians have forgotten that. Although Solid Rock did always strike me as cult-like.

  7. My super catholic parents had to switch churches because their priest told the congregation to vote for trump. Why are these fucks not paying taxes??

  8. Did you feel the same way when Kamala had a political message to vote for McAuliffe for Virginia Governor to 300 black churches in October? Should each of those 300 churches lose tax exemption, or is this fake outrage reserved for those you politically disagree with?

  9. Yes, they got their seed money from importing cocaine inside of horses, then built a dynasty by purchasing christian music publishing houses.

  10. Originally the butter jesus (aka touchdown jesus). Literally got struck by lighting and burned like hell-on-earth. They missed the hint and built an even bigger 5-dollar-footlong jesus.

  11. In order to maintain tax-exempt status, churches, like other 501(c)(3) charitable organizations, must forego certain activities. Specifically, 501(c)(3) organizations are prohibited from engaging in excessive political lobbying and any political campaigning. According to the IRS, Sec. 501(c) of the IRS Code requires that a tax-exempt religious organization “may not attempt to influence legislation as a substantial part of its activities and it may not participate at all in campaign activity for or against political candidates.

  12. I hate all religion and hate this church the most lol. Terrible assholes during the pandemic and no religious leader should be telling their members who to vote for. There's a lot of local rumors surrounding this church and illegal drugs. Plus that Jesus statue is fucking creepy.

  13. I get that you’re pointing to his shirt, but what’s the deal with trying to look like a cowboy? Like, we all know cowboys aren’t really a thing anymore, especially in Ohio. Does he just like playing dress-up?

  14. The now dead founder of the church was a horse breeder and playing cowboy has always been part of the schtick. The huge abandoned horse farm across 75 is their property.

  15. Ohio is not as densely populated as the east coast. We have a handful of big cities (Columbus Cincy Cleveland Toledo) but in between them are endless miles of farmland. I’d consider this outfit not uncommon in rural areas. Near Lebanon they have horse tracks, horse pulling, and rodeos. So this pastor may not be the only one in cowboy boots at church that day.

  16. For whatever reason the mega church crowd seems to love cowboy shit. Crossroads did an entire sermon where they broke a live horse

  17. This is why we need to tax the churches… They’re becoming more and more political. This church is so crazy are used to drive by touchdown Jesus every day…

  18. He’s be pissed but he wouldn’t be surprised either. He was pretty blunt when it came to the hypocrisy in the church of his time, and there’s the whole throwing the money changers out bit…

  19. Report him to the IRS and he will lose the Tax Exempt status he has been using as a tax Dodge for his obviously political organization.

  20. As if we needed any more proof that anyone who has ever walked into that building is a little deficient in the brain cell department.

  21. Separate church and state except like this. I changed Catholic Churches because it got too political. I prefer my parish that is diverse economically and speaks to the needs of all the parishioners, not just the ones who send their kids to private school so they can keep them segregated from the hooligans in public school.

  22. Not surprised at the connection here, these folks are already accustomed to believing things with no shred of evidence.

  23. Everyone should get/have an opinion but when you are trying to broadcast yours in the house of the lord and it overshadows what people come for, its all to obvious they aren't in it for the right reasons.

  24. Further solidifying that I made the right decision to get the hell out of Monroe! Lived there for six years and I'm so, so glad to no longer be living down the street from this clown.

  25. In 2011, my former neighbors invited me to ride with them to Solid Rock for a service. It was your typical self-help talks, loud music, and hand waving that you'd find at Crossroads churches, which I have been to, and hated. Burger King Churches (have it YOUR way, not God's way). After the meeting, we went to a Cracker Barrel a few miles North with a small group of their church friends. I made the mistake of making a lighthearted joke about how ugly the statue was and that the lightning might've been for the best. The cheery mood at the table abruptly turned sour. Nobody was shouting, but they made it clear that the statue was off-limits for discussion, and that I was mocking God. It was a quiet dinner, at least toward me.

  26. There’s only one positive I see in this picture and it’s that that aren’t many people there. A small consolation, but considering where we live, I’ll take that silver lining.

  27. Wow. I just wish the background (showing the congregation) wasn't so blurry. Really wanted to zoom in on those folks to see what types of peeps were there. Gotta pretty good idea without the photo evidence, however.

  28. I expected it to be a lot bigger in there based on the outside, not that I'd ever have found out as I would never set foot in this place.

  29. Were Psaki or Kamala leading a religious service at the time of said handjobs? If no, I fail to see how this is even slightly relevant to the post.

  30. The infamous Trumpian whataboutism works a lot better when the two comparisons are at all similar - what the fuck church was kamala leading again?

  31. Because we care about the preservation of that delicate line between church and state. This piece of shit grifter obviously doesn’t.

  32. Enough with the rodeo belt buckles, cowboy hats and shit kicking boots. You are in Ohio. Has the United Stares become the land that time forgot ?

  33. I made the mistake of going there once. It was years back after one of those tsunamis. Darlene preached that they all deserved it over there because they were heathens and gay etc.

  34. This is an amazing church! All the rumors are flat out ridiculous. If you have never been here, you have no place to speak on ANYTHING.

  35. More leftist whining from this sub once again proving that reddit is not real life. Why do you care?

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