Happy birthday Buddy Larosa. Here is a picture of him and fellow Cincinnatian Aaron Pryor, of whom he was a former manager.

  1. That's a freakin' great shot - wish my brother was still around to jog my OG memory on what show it was we were down at the Coliseum and saw The Hawk followed by his entire entourage - musta been 30 friends, guards, groupies and hangers on, escorted by security - swooping through the mezzanine on their parade to their seats, Aaron sportin' the finest fur and gold and one dude's job to flank him with that big ass hawk perched on its post - everyone yelling The Hawk!, The Hawk! Good Lord he played Cincy royalty while it lasted.

  2. Before Western Hills Biggs closed, I was the person who maintained the floral dept.. Buddy became a constant customer of mine. He would order floral arrangements in baskets to take to friends. Considering I was teaching myself floral design, he was a big supporter of confidence for me. I became good & his arrangements got better. Along the way he would give me advice on employment & I always paid attention. He seemed to have an idea of how it would play out once Remke came into the picture & he was right. I enjoyed those years working there & Buddy was part of the reason.

  3. I Remember about three years ago we had new employee in my department and took team to boudinout Larosas. Me and one other are long time westsiders and we were giving a bit of west side history since everybody else were not westsiders and they asked us if Buddy was still alive. I was about to answer when he popped up behind me to ask how everybody was doing. Sorta awkwardly pointed and said yeah this is Buddy. Took them a minute to realize I wasn't joking.

  4. He was sitting near us at the Lawrenceburg Skyline about two weeks ago. Black button down shirt, gold chains, and an entourage of about 8. It was quite the spectacle.

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