I see a lot of cigar post with bourbon or whiskey, not sure if people actually drink it for the taste or if it’s a “cool factor” but I’m not a fan. Any recommendations for a decent spirit to pair with my smoke?

  1. I smoke to relax and a drink helps. I tried some tequila which was okay. Just curious as to what others are drinking besides brown liquor.

  2. I only find the original post mildly insulting. Whisky is one of the most popular liquors out there. To call it a cool factor is to discredit the taste of everyone drinking it. not to mention, it’s such a classic pairing that it seems uneducated to insinuate people don’t like it.

  3. I’m 29 and yes “cool factor” lol I’m referring to the many insta post of cigars, bourbon, and loafers

  4. Can’t go wrong with Appleton 8 year. Cheap and a staple. Love smith and cross in an old fashioned as well. The little bit of fruit really accentuates the funk in my opinion

  5. I do love whiskey/rye when I smoke. But sometimes a rum and coke adds a nice sweet and sugary flavor. All depends on the mood, drink whatever floats your boat and forget what everyone else does!

  6. lol definitely not for the cool factor - lots of people genuinely enjoy whiskey. I strongly disliked it until a couple years ago. Not sure what changed, I think I just needed to find a whiskey I liked. For me it was laphroaig 10. I loved the smokey flavor and aroma. Once I found one I liked, I found I could start to recognize things I enjoy in most whiskey… and now I like it all.

  7. Coffee is the best accompaniment, and you can't change my mind. Coffee and a nice stick in the morning, hell yeah

  8. Lots of people think cigars and whiskey are perfect companions, I am not one of them because I dont care for whiskey. Lots of cigar people in places where a lot of cigars come from, enjoy rum w it, I am told. And/or beer. I prefer red wine or sparkling wine

  9. water, Coffee, cream soda, tea, kombucha.. People pair booze because the like booze and they do pair well. But all those that I listed also pair well IMO, or just drink whatever drink you like.

  10. I don’t drink regular Coke ever, but they make a Coke with Coffee and Vanilla that pairs really well with a cigar. Sweet as hell (usually only drink Diet Coke) but probably just as sweet as regular.

  11. I like a really peaty scotch (Laphroaig, Lagavulin, Ardbeg). The smoky flavor works great with a cigar in my opinion. It’s not for everyone though.

  12. I am fine with bourbon and a gar. Aged rum is a great way to go. If you need something a little softer / sweeter try big 5 cafecito . More often it is beer for me - browns, stouts and I can even go with ipa … just enjoy what you are pairing with it.

  13. Aged rum especially with maduros. Tequila Añejo or Extra Añejo. Beer and red wine are other classics. Non alcohol options I highly recommend black coffee.

  14. On vacation I ended up trying the Costco Kirkland Tequila Añejo with a cigar each night for like 5 nights straight. Very nice

  15. I’m a fan of sherried single malts (Aberlour, Macallan….), but NOT with a cigar. Just doesn’t work for me. If the weather is warm I like a nice stout like Kentucky Breakfast Stout from Founders Brewing. Now that it’s getting cooler a good dark roast coffee (Beyond Black from BRCC) is the best. Both are strong rich tasting beverages that stand up well to a full bodied cigar.

  16. I was drinking the Clear American Black Cherry sparkling water from Walmart with my Oliva Serie V Maduro tonight. The light hint of cherry and touch of sweetness pairs well with the maduro wrapper.

  17. I'll second rum, doesn't even have to be a great rum. Mid shelf stuff, El Dorado 12 (kinda sweet), Mt Gay XO (little gingerbread-y) or even Captain Morgan Private Stock for a entry level pick.

  18. I haven’t seen it so I’ll add, if you like beer a nice porter or stout sometimes with chocolate or coffee flavors is what I enjoy. Since they are heavier beers I don’t have them with meals or in multiples so a single large stout or porter on occasion with a cigar is pretty much the only time I consume them.

  19. My new favorite cigar pairing is water. Whether it's flat or a seltzer water I am in a place in my smoking journey where I am just enjoying the cigars for themselves and having fun exploring the flavors. If I do pair a stick with something other than water I will choose a soda or coffee because I don't embibe. That said, I don't embine because I have a problem self regulating alcohol. But, a lot if cigars seem as if they'd lend themselves well to a scotch, whiskey or even a good rum. I think it's all about the Cigar you're enjoying and your setting, head space and mood. I could see how a pepper bomb wouldn't be that great with a high proof whiskey or how a sweeter cigar may be over done with a rum. Sorry that I don't have any spirit recommendations but I will offer a few of my favorite because, as was stated earlier, booze isn't a prerequisite to enjoying a good cigar. First, and I know this isn't fancy but I've found they work.

  20. Cigars are typically pairs with a rum and coke. The nicotine drops your blood sugar so the sugar in the coke levels it out. And the flavors of rum pair well with cigars

  21. A lot of guys act like it's the biggest pussy shit ever, but I've found that a good wine pairs wonderfully with a cigar. There's so many different flavor combinations too.

  22. I’ll have to try this as I got a bottle left over from my wedding. If you haven’t do a mixed shot of Skrewball with Frangelico or the Giradelli chocolate liquor and you have a Reese’s shot.

  23. Champagne is incredible with cigars. It wont over power, its cold and the bubbles cleanse your palate.

  24. If you’re a fan of vanilla flavors hit up a bottle of Sailor Jerry rum it’s my go to rum is a great mixer or sipping rum. Shellback Rum is also very good in the white or dark rum.

  25. I've been doing dark lagers recently. I suppose you should pair something appropriately like you would red/white wine with steak/fish, but hey I don't like wine either lol.

  26. I like different bourbons with different cigars. A double oaked bourbon is AWFUL with a cigar. I like a maduro with a barrel proof. My lineup tonight is padron family reserve with bookers.

  27. I worked at the cigars international super store in Bethlehem pa many moons ago. The drink of choice was often a debate. After years of feedback I found the most popular choice was just an ice cold Coca Cola. But, hey drink whatever you want ☮️

  28. I like a good wine with some cigars, others I'll do whiskey or gin even. When I'm really feeling like a rebel, brandy in either hot chocolate or coffee!

  29. Some people like American whiskey, some people like scotch, some people like rum, I like tequila and West coast ipas , others like soda, coffee and or soda water. Find what you enjoy bro. Pairings won't always go hand in hand just enjoy your sesh.

  30. What do you mean some people like whiskey some like scotch. Scotch is whiskey. I’m not trying to make fun of you . Just curious what you mean

  31. My choice of beverage is usually something to keep my throat moist, so anything that doesn't overwhelm the cigar's flavor is acceptable. Water is perfectly fine. Coffee is great; in fact, the only time I'll tolerate decaf is a before-bed smoke. Alcohol is also acceptable, especially for long smokes - it anesthetizes your throat slightly, so it keeps me from getting a scratchy throat from long smokes.

  32. My favorite is Balvanie Double Wood. It’s aged in 2 different barrels. I think the wood flavor doesn’t try to compete head to head with the smoke, it’s kind of off to the side. Give it a try.

  33. i’m fairly new to cigar smoking but so far i’ve tried a few drinks. First was warm lemon water which made the next draw like the first, a kind of cleansing. Second drink I had was warm lemongrass & ginger tea with honey, that was a good one. This last time I did bourbon, took a sip swisher it around bit then swallowed. Took a draw as soon as i swallowed and it added some nice flavor notes. For me the tea with honey has been the best. Man try different drinks see what you like, just like finding the cigars you enjoy. I’ll be trying a Cherry coke next time, oh I also did the beer, meh nothing exciting but I was enjoying a AF so it didn’t matter.

  34. I usually smoke with bourbon, but there are tons of things that pair well. Personally favorites are rum, mezcal, sotol, red wine(not too dry), or coffee.

  35. If you don’t like whiskey or alcohol, one of my favorite beverages with cigars is Pellegrino sparkling water on ice. The carbonation is very refreshing and it’s 0 calories.

  36. Well if you don’t like whiskey a cigar isn’t going to make it taste better for you. There’s no right or wrong answer, what do you like to drink? I’d just start with something you actually like and see how it does with a cigar. I’m not a whiskey guy, so I like cognac or tequila, but a lot of times I’m drinking coffee with my cigar.

  37. Honestly I love pairing cigars with whiskey, Rum and Tequila, but for non alcoholic drinks, I’d shoot for a nice black coffee or espresso, or go the opposite direction and have a nice latte. Having cigars with food though is kind of a 50/50 for me, charcuterie boards and cigars are mint though

  38. I know quite a few people that just drink beer with cigars. I do it sometimes as well, though honestly I tend to enjoy soda or sparkling water more.

  39. I love scotch, bourbon and rum. But I don’t pair any of those with a cigar. I find that pairing cigars with coke or Pepsi works best for me.

  40. Classic daiquiri. Split base of dark rum, not spiced, and overproof. Citrusy, strong, slightly fruity and simple. One of my favorites for sure.

  41. I didn’t like bourbon/whiskey/scotch until I had some Macallan 12 sherry oak cask. After a bottle of that I branched off and really started enjoying different flavors. Always come back to it tho.

  42. Rum and cigars! A lot of folks don’t think of them as common a common pairing but I find it’s the best. And it definitely has to do with the fact that they’re both from the same region of the world.

  43. That’s personal taste, which drink you enjoy the most? You can pair by contrast or by similarity. My favorite combo is Enclave Broadleaf by AJ Fernández with Woodford reserve, Rum is an excellent option with Maduros, Tequila goes well with Connecticut the same as coffee. Dr Pepper practically works with every cigar you can think of. Another killer pairing for me is New World puro especial with peated Irish whiskey…

  44. Rum makes an excellent pairing as others have suggested. I like diplomatico reserva exclusiva on a rock sometimes with my cigar.

  45. I plug this all the time on here, so sorry in advance, but I like flavored redbull and vodka. Flavor kind of depends on what I’m smoking, but I like blueberry, cranberry, and cocoberry the best.

  46. I didn't like whiskey too, untill I discovered peat/turf whiskey. I enjoy them much more than classic stuff and especially with a cigar

  47. Couple Heinekens worked well for me the other day while I watched a game with a friend. See the trouble with arsenal is they always try to just walk it in.

  48. Why not try some sort of cocktail? You can get some great tasting cocktails that go well with Cigars and don’t have that strong straight liquor taste. I like whiskey and bourbon but I’d recommend an Old Fashioned to someone that has never drank straight liquor regularly. I also love a negroni with a Cigar. There are lots of options using white liquor too.

  49. Strange suggestion but it worked damn fine for me one evening. A small glass of limonchello (chilled in the freezer for atleast 24h) the cold zesty flavor contrasts the smoky and hot of a cigar. :))

  50. I really enjoy pairing a full bodied Cigar with a decent Cognac - also pairing whisky and cigars can be a bit tricky, i remember in one occasion when I was still exploring this, I paired a rather mild cigar (can't recall what it was) with an Islay whisky (also can't recall which one) - it was awful! The whisky completely drowned out the cigar and I don't know, the peat and sea salt concentrated the musty notes of the cigar in a hideous extravaganza of nauseating flavours.. That made me much more careful and intentional about which cigar ti pair with which whisky.

  51. Whiskey is like cigars. That said, drink the kind you like how you like it. Mixed, straight, cheap, or expensive. If it makes you happy and you like it, that's what you smoke and/or drink. Cigar and whiskey snobs are just that, snobs. On that, while I do occasionally like a high proof bourbon with my cigar, I generally prefer coffee.

  52. Well as I won't recommend soda based, there are a lot of drinks you could pair : coffee, beer (belgians brews or even better trappist like Orval, Chimay, Rochefort...) rhum, scottish whiskies.

  53. Brandy, scotch, irish whiskey, if you like it beer, im a fan of wine with my cigars. Otherwise, cocktails are always an option. Tbh drink what you like with em.

  54. I don’t usually do booze and cigars, they over power one another and you lose out on the best parts of both. I typically smoke with black coffee

  55. Bourbon is my go-to 95% of the time, but if I'm not feelikg dark liquor for whatever reason I'll mix a white russian or a gin and tonic.

  56. I am a whiskey man but I don’t like to pair it with cigars generally. I love to pair Guinness or any stout or porter beer with darker/ medium-full cigars. And then I like Mexican beers for lighter cigars. Beer is for if I am smoking in the evening. Anything before that I pair coffee with my cigars.

  57. I personally was into bourbon before cigars and so they mesh well together for me. However, Rum goes great with cigars.

  58. For me, it’s the taste. There are some that will go and spend a ridiculous amount for a bottle because it’s allocated. I like the pairing notes of bourbon and a cigar.

  59. It might take some getting used to but vodka or gin shaken on ice (crushed ice is my preference) then strained into a glass. I also used to not like whiskey, but you may just need to switch to a higher quality brand or find a whiskey drink you can tolerate. I personally think the more you try to drink it the more acclimated you will become. This advice about whiskey goes for vodka and gin as well. You’re going to have a much smoother drink if you avoid cheap liquors but it’s all about developing you’re taste. Hope this helps!

  60. Whiskey/bourbon can go great with a cigar, depending on the stick and the bottle. I've had some fantastic combinations, and I've had some combos where I've opted to finish the whiskey after the cigar, because it was that bad.

  61. I wasn't a dark liquor person for a long time. My liquor of choice was white rum. But lately, it has been whiskey or rye. You might just need to find the right cocktail. Last summer, I really got into making Whiskey Smashes, with mint from the garden, to have with my cigars. This fall I have become fond of slowly sipping Old Fashioneds with a smoke.

  62. I like rum with my cigars. A simple rum and coke will do. The sugar helps combat nicotine. I also like rum old fashioneds, or a rum mule.

  63. Dry Sherry. Fino and Manzanilla Sherry are 100% dry/not sweet at all. They are austere, strong, small like raisins and drink like the strongest white wine you’ve ever tasted. They somehow stand up to cigars WAY better than bourbons or other hard alcohol. Plus the 15% alc makes them more fun with a cigar (because you can drink more).

  64. I'm not really a fan of Bourbon neat either (Single malt Scotch I drink neat). For me, there's something too sickly sweet about the vanillin/charcoal from the charred oak casks. On the other hand, I do absolutely love Bourbon in cocktails like the Old Fashioned and Manhattan. Even better if it's in a smoked glass. Certain Scotch types lend themselves to these cocktails also. Dark rum is a good option as well. You can drink it on the rocks, mix it with some lime juice to make "grog," or just have a good old Cuba Libre.

  65. I often go to a good aged rum. I find for the money I can get a great bottle. Ron Zacapa XO. I like pairing a great cigar with rum as they are both grown in the same region.

  66. Rum is THE drink for cigars traditionally. Some parts of the world do not agree at all with whiskey or bourbon being paired with cigars.

  67. Traditionally it was Brandy with a cigar, but whatever floats your boat really summertime I like a Mojito with a cigar winter it’s Rum or a Bourbon

  68. Lots of good sugestions. Seems to me most have somethign in common. A little sweetness somewhere in the mix.

  69. I like bourbon but cigars pair better with a cocktail in my opinion. A nice Old Fashioned and a good cigar is a great way to spend an hour unwinding.

  70. IMO, Cigars originated in the Caribbean along side Rum. I enjoy smoking with Ron Zacapa 23 yr or Diplomatico. I also have selection of Aged premium Caribbean Rums from Trinidad. Some of my buddies like the El Dorado 15yr from Guyana.

  71. I need to drink something when I smoke, but it doesn’t have to be alcoholic. Coke Zero and Diet Dr Pepper are both good. I’ve also enjoyed rum, bourbon, wine, beer, and seltzers. Try something you enjoy drinking and decide whether you like it with a smoke. You’ll find a pairing you enjoy

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