Really enjoyed this one. Smooth, cocoa, coffee. Mild but great

  1. If you like coco, please check out Curivari Reserva Limitada Cafe Noir (not Cubans), smells and tastes like a chocolate cake is being baked. Also, they’re amazing cigars so don’t tell anyone about them lol

  2. I enjoy all the La Aroma De Cubas that I've tried. This one and the Reserva are awesome, I have the edicion especial in my humidor and want to try the Pasion as well. Look how nice and even that's burning!

  3. Just tried the La pasion, I picked it up in SoFlo from a B&M, I really enjoyed it. I agree, I like all the one’s I’ve tried from this line.

  4. I had one for the first time the other day and I'll say that I was surprisingly disappointed. The flavors were ALMOST there. It was so mild and weak bodied that it was hard to appreciate any of the hints of flavors I was getting and left me yearning for a cigar that isn't so subtle that it's frustrating, such as a Padron Maduro, Oliva V Melanio, etc.

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