Daily Question Thread for /r/churningcanada - October 03, 2022

  1. You get as many AP as your card is supposed to earn on base spend. It's no better or worse than any other base spend.

  2. Your submission has been automatically removed. You seem to be new here. Please take note that this is not a self-promotion sub. If it is not your channel, feel free to post it in about 48 hours! Have a nice day!

  3. No. You can ask for a cheque but it is a very long time to get it from HSBC. You could withdraw $400 x4 from an ATM then request they refund the fee. If you are close to a branch you can do an over the counter cash advance. That's going to be the quickest and easiest way and their fee if you can't get it refunded is reasonable enough.

  4. Do RBC Avion VI downgrades operate under the same 90 day rule for new cards? Have 2 RBC Avion VI, newest is 6 weeks old - oldest is ~5 months. Want to downgrade but not sure if I’ll get the 15K WB on the downgrade since my last new app was within 90 days.

  5. For those of you who have experienced a delay in receiving AMEX referral bonuses, typically how long have you had to wait? Did it even end up escalating to having to call AMEX to get it sorted out?

  6. The terms say it can take up to 10 weeks for it to post, so there’s no point escalating until that time has passed.

  7. Couple more DPs to add to my post below about the Amex Avis status match. Thought I would put in a separate post so it didn't get lost.

  8. for whatever it's worth, I looked into it on hotels dot com before there's fine print that says you only get the benefits of whatever status you have when you make the booking, so previously existing bookings wouldn't benefit...

  9. So I got the Scotiabank Momentum but realized I am still within their 2- year rule, so I may not get the promotional 10% cashback. I have MRS on other cards, so I don't want 'waste' spend on this card if I end up not getting the cashback (it takes up to 7 months to show up).

  10. Book a RHT to hit the MSR and see if you get the bonus. If you do, then wait until you hit the MSR organically, then cancel the hotel.

  11. Your submission has been automatically removed. You seem to be new here. Please take note that this is not a self-promotion sub. If it is not your channel, feel free to post it in about 48 hours! Have a nice day!

  12. DP on reminding everyone to check Amex travel along with the regular sites. And a bit of a good story I think for a win.

  13. Nice, personally I see 0 cars available on Amex Travel for my February trip, but I will keep this in mind lol

  14. Anyone do a re-con with MBNA for credit sever in the last month or two? Just tried and they're not even considering credit sever for AS cards.

  15. Are you talking about a credit split? If so then yes. I mentioned it in yesterday’s thread but I called the credit line a month ago after not being IA’d for an AS WE. No resistance. Split 5k off different card. Got new card a week or so later. Recommend HUCA.

  16. I will be flying Air Canada Thursday and plan to bring regular checked bag and 1 over-sized checked bag. Their website said for oversized the first is $100 and a second is $225, but its unclear if that means bags total or for only oversized bags. Essentially my question is will my second bag (only one oversized) be $100 or $225 - does anyone have any experience here? Flying to Europe if that matters.

  17. Looking to book Eva air through Aeroplan. I can find A-B & B-C separately on Aeroplan with Eva air for the date I want, but searching A-C doesn't yield any Eva air flights (only AC's inflated flights). If I use multi-city/stopover tool, I can only book the B-C segment on the following date of arriving in B (no same date connection even if it exists). Do I have to call in in this case, or Aeroplan no longer allows piecing together itinerary like this?

  18. Anybody else having issues signing into AC today? It's giving me "There are errors in your form, please try again" error

  19. WestJet companion voucher: is there a hard rule that the departure point must be out of Canada? Or is this merely an online limitation that calling in can circumvent? I see the box is grayed out if the originating point (one-way or round-trip) is not a Canadian airport. Was looking to burn my WJD for a JFK-YYZ leg next spring, one direction only, and if there's a way to get that companion voucher slipped in there as well it certainly saves a chunk of cash

  20. Please report back if you figure this out. I’ve run into this before and just assumed it was the rules, didn’t even consider maybe it’s the website being funky.

  21. My annual for my oldest US card is coming up (started as gold, took upgrade to Plat) and now looking into downgrade options, would like external opinions. Note I'm assuming I'll have applied for a green card before this point, just waiting for Q4 for better offers (hopefully a 50-60k offer). I'm also assuming the retention offers are ass. I'd maybe keep if they offer 50-55k MR at minimum.

  22. It seems like the Green is the way to go at 150 USD. Given the 3x earn rate and the fact that it's USD (~2.3 MR/CAD$), in your shoes I might spend that money on the Cobalt and mentally offsett the AF of the US green card.

  23. I have similar income & spending. I’m also a newbie so take my advice with a grain of salt. I haven’t yet gotten into any premium cards but here are the cards myself and P2 are currently churning or planning to churn:

  24. IMO the Amex AP and Gold cards are a great bang for the annual fee buck, if you can still get the referral offer from last month (which yes, you can). It doesn’t fit with your Costco or Loblaw trips, but I’m sure you know that from Cobalt. They are still worth grinding out the WB’s.

  25. Now that cobalt MRS is changed to MR and can basically transfer to the same partner airline miles at the rate rate as say Plat/Gold MR. They are essentially no difference now? they are "worth" the same?

  26. Shop Small - I just opened a new Biz Gold last month so offers aren't populating yet. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can get Shop Small on that card? I don't have any other Amex biz cards and it's not on

  27. You also can’t use the link you added to register offers to your card. That’s for non-Amex issued cards only, which in Canada is limited to Scotiabank only.

  28. Hello! I applied for the RBC Avion and successfully got & used the 35k points. I've heard that you can get the $120 fee prorated if you downgrade the card to a no-fee card. Is this only true for downgrades or does it also work for outright cancellations (I doubt it?). Thank you!

  29. I wouldn't cancel the card so soon after opening it however, yes you will get the annual fee rebated (prorated) to you if you PS to a no fee card.

  30. Anyone have a list of charities that worked with the latest round of Shop Small? I tried a few from the lists of prior years, but none of them worked.

  31. Technical United/AP SQM question (apologies in advance): does anyone know whether, when flying United metal but using your AP# on the booking, booked through United, on a connecting flight, whether your SQM is calculated in each leg of the connection or just on the origin to destination?

  32. Can we have a discussion on why Amex hasn't launched the Marriott Bevy and Brilliant in Canada? Wouldnt mind a few extra pesos.

  33. Canada has largely indicated that it's not a premium card market. Look at the US cards. The amount of premium cards. The amount of AMEX offers. At any given time, 100+ offers on a card you activated yesterday. We do not have the competition, nor the driving market to warrant something so pricey with such big perks. You need larger population to justify it. Likely same reason why we don't have any Hilton cards.

  34. DP: AMEX Bonvoy Personal. Only spent probably a couple hundred dollars in the last year and the first agent wouldn't give me any retention offer. I will try again in the next couple of days.

  35. P2 has tried a few times to get an RBC card (Avion VI and Plat) but has been repeatidly denied. What would be the easiest RBC CC to get approved for? I'm assuming any of the no AF ones?

  36. probably deeper than just getting a card and hoping that starts a relationship with RBC. Perhaps try and inquire, maybe it could be something as small as a recent address change or name change reflected on your CC report

  37. CIBC has approved my business card but needs a "copy of your trade name registration" with the government. Has anyone done this?

  38. I've alway been a Marriott loyalist but I've been motivated by an upcoming trip to New Zealand to dip my toes in the world of Hilton due to Marriott almost non-existent footprint in New Zealand.

  39. CIBC query: Last year ( before I got into churning) I severed all my ties with CIBC. I used to have two CC lines (my oldest cards) and a Chequing account as well.

  40. I’m currently 1 night away from maintain my gold status at marriot. Until when do I have to take that 1 night? Is it by Dec 31? Or feb

  41. Any DPs on how long Marriot > Alaska Miles transfer takes? I've read online it takes 4 days and the flights I've been eyeing are slowly being booked up so hoping it's not too long..

  42. Does it really matter? Are you not initiating the transfer regardless? DP's won't speed it up or slow it down, or quell your anxiety over it

  43. Curious ... what do most here do with all these physical cards you are collecting (and churned out)? Shred them away or are you keeping them in an album somewhere?

  44. Hey Wondering, if you could give any advice, myself and my wife, arrived in Canada last week to do a working holiday and are trying to figure out what credit card to apply for? Any advice is appreciated. We're both from Ireland and currently employed if that makes a difference! We opened bank accounts with Scotiabank last week but the manager there said to wait till we had 2 paystubs before applying. We're working the same jobs as we were back in Ireland so technically have paystubs but the amounts would be in euros

  45. Depending on where you grocery shop, may want to call PC Financial to apply for their card. I remember some relatives of mine were able to prepay some amount (similar to a secured credit card) to open it, bit that was a long while ago. Tangerine could be another option o pursue. Again you'll need to engage a csr to see what is required for someone new to the country /no credit history.

  46. most (all?) newcomers I know will have a hard time with getting high valued credit card let alone churning, even with jobs and paystubs.

  47. Went through the Aeroplan / Avis status match this morning matching my Amex Reserve to Presidents circle. I have a rental this Friday and the match is processed immediately - remains to be seen if I’ll get a “guaranteed upgrade” but I booked the cheapest car so shouldn’t be hard.

  48. Cheapest car category may not work for upgrades as T&C usually state you need to book intermediate/ midsize or higher

  49. Does anyone know if the new swipe fee changes will apply to AMEX? The articles mention a lawsuit lost by visa and mc, no mention of Amex

  50. DP: Extended 2 of my Bonvoy FNA that were supposed to expire this month. I just called in and asked politely. The 2 extended certs are a few years old, one is from my 3 year old Bonvoy Personal card and the other is a 25k cert from the old Canadian Chase Marriott card. They wouldn't extend my other certs that expire in Dec yet, but told me to call back closer to expiry. The CSR told me that I can only extend them one time, which is the same thing they told me last year :P

  51. Question in regards to Bonvoy bookings. I have a 2-night Marriot booking for April 2023. If the 2x35k certs hit my account before that stay, is it possible to use those instead of the 2x30k points I am using for the booking? I would be hesitant to cancel and rebook as availability dries up at this location around that time.

  52. I've heard very very very VERY rare DPs where someone called in and successfully got Marriott to manually replace the points with FNA's on an existing booking, but for the most part you'll have to cancel and rebook to pull something like that off.

  53. for that TD 40k in path offer through Aeroplan website, which gives 150$ back if you book a air canada flight. Does that (150 credit) subtract from the MSR ?

  54. Credits =/= returns. Credits = payments. Very important distinction. The former detracts from MSR. The latter is treated as a bank payment, simply paying down a portion of the bill. No impact to MSR or net points received from spend.

  55. Thinking of visiting the Plaza lounge in Pearson during my 6 hour layover on Thursday. I see there is a 3 hour maximum noted in the app, is that enforced?

  56. The way it works is they technically shouldn't let you in less than 3 hours before the current time your flight is scheduled, which in practice means you can only be there 2.x hours.

  57. I have yet to read an anecdote from somebody who was tapped on the shoulder and asked to leave a lounge. I'd love to see some of those anecdotes if they do actually exist.

  58. IME most lounges will let you bypass that if you're on a connection... you may be asked to show the boarding pass from your first flight if they give you pushback.

  59. We left after just a bit more than 3 hours on Friday. There was no one looking for us to leave before that. That being said it wasn't very busy.

  60. Just called amex concierge to book a restaurant on their global dining collection and was told their free appetizer/drink offers are no longer being offered... Disappointing

  61. I have a TD AP VI with 10k limit. If I call in and ask them to split 5k off to open a TD FCT, would that normally result in a credit check or do they skip it?

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