Chloe #881

  1. SrGrafo staying with the ol’ reliable chloe for a bit, can’t say I don’t like it, what is a girl if she doesn’t have emergency pepperonis.

  2. Grafo is starting to give me unhealthy expectations for women. I mean where will I ever find a cute gf that looks great and can fully consume me my immortal existence?

  3. I feel like I'm running out of things to say but I can't express how much I love the way you color/render your drawings. It's very distinctive and what drew me to your art in the first place

  4. Wow I am late today, on the up side free Chloe. Then to be consistent, Day 91 of asking for Amiya from arknights. Day 92 of asking for Amiya from arknights.

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