Can someone help me identify a dish (a salt and pepper chicken variant from Dongbei) or at least confirm it's existence?

  1. sounds like 炸鸡柳, a very common street snack and of course you can eat at some restaurants. The chicken brisket is cut into strips and fry them in the hot oil, you can dip them with some chili pepper powder, ketchup and honey.

  2. Thanks. From memory it was bigger pieces of chicken than that, ie with bones etc, kind of like getting KFC pieces and rubbing them in salt and pepper powder (now I want to try that!). And the powder wasn't spicy, just salt and pepper. But I really appreciate the response thanks.

  3. Is it 炸子雞? Basically a fried chicken that has super thin crispy skin, chopped up into pieces with bone, served with a salt and five spice pepper dip and usually some prawn chips? Very common in Cantonese restaurants in SF

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