I got kicked out of my church for disagreeing with one part in the Bible…”children are a blessing.”

  1. This is pretty much the whole world today. We want and like you and accept you until you disagree with us. If only we could all respect others disagreements and thoughts!

  2. I was told “don’t come back.” And all because I disagree with children being a blessing. Not every child is a blessing to their parents. I can name many examples of why that is. I actually have and it got me banned for life.

  3. Children being a blessings is one of the less problematic part of the bible, there are too many parts of the bible that are not compatible with a childfree view (and with women righs in general). Women are basically husbands' property and are here just to marry, reproduce and help men.

  4. Not to bash on your religion here, but fuck that church in particular and the so-called ‘Christians’ who gave you the boot for choosing not to have kids.

  5. Agreed. I’m a Christian (more spiritual than religious) and haven’t attended church in years, but not because I was kicked out. If I were OP, I’d be sending that church a very nasty letter, but then again, I ran out of fucks to give a long time ago.

  6. What was the context of your questioning that passage? I'm just curious how it got you kicked out of the church and told not to come back

  7. So... I had the idea of a parody Christian denomination called the "First Abortionist Church" whose members believe that aborted embryos are souls that are automatically guaranteed to enter Heaven, and therefore abortion is logically the absolute best thing you could ever do for your hypothetical future child. We could stand alongside the Satanic Temple in claiming abortion as a religious freedom. :D

  8. Lol. I do seriously wish there was an equivalent of TST for people who aren’t atheists, but do believe that their personal beliefs, whatever they may be, do not have any place whatsoever in government/lawmaking/policymaking.

  9. Consider it a badge of honor. I walked away from the church when I was told to shut up and stop asking questions. Like, no, no I won't stop asking questions about the nonsense you're spewing that doesn't make one bit of sense.

  10. I don't know how the laws work over there, but unless you're trespassed, you'd probably be legally ok. I'm not sure you'd Want to attend for a while, they might make things unpleasant, (love thy neighbour tends to be the first forgotten), but that's up to you.

  11. I can relate. I’ve gotten booted from several women’s groups for being upfront and unapologetic about the fact that I don’t like children.

  12. I'm an ex-christian and I've never seen or even heard of anyone get kicked out of church. Was there some kind of heated conflict that led to this?

  13. As another ex-christian, excommunication, shunning, and just being thrown out over smaller things certainly can happen, even without yelling on the part of the victim. You're quite fortunate honestly.

  14. Sooner or later, they will invite you back because they want your money. Think of all that you will save on tithes for the rest of your life.

  15. Having children is a major part to all major religions. How do you think they grew to such large numbers? If a woman has 5 kids, and her children have 5 kids, and her grandchildren have 5 kids, that's a total of 125 new members of that religion, in less than 100 years. If you still want to stick with the religion, try other churches. I was raised Lutheran and personally recommended it. But, even churches within sects have differences so it might take a bit to find one that you jive with.

  16. I’m atheist, personally, but my favorite Christian denomination is the Unitarian Universalists, or UU. They’re very liberal: welcoming to all, whether you believe or not, so long as you behave kindly (some just come for the community spirit). They welcome CF women, LGBTQ+, refugees and immigrants, ex-cons, aliens, mutants, everyone is a child of God and their friend. There was one down the street from the big snooty Catholic Church where I grew up, and my cousin was married in the lovely UU chapel.

  17. Tell that to the victims on super nanny, or the ones who abuse their parents and bully others in class. They are anything but a blessing.

  18. It seems to me that it is a good thing you are not going back to that kind of church. There are more open minded, better churches out there and you do not even need to go to a church to be a good Christian.

  19. Luke 23-29 "For, behold, the days are coming, in the which they shall say, Blessed are the barren, and the wombs that never bare, and the paps which never gave suck"

  20. Ah, yes, the classic 'we love everybody ... if you think like we do, otherwise f*ck off' mentality. The truth hurts and they don't want to confront it.

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