Question: what are 'non-local spirits'?

  1. I would suggest reading the book "My Big TOE" which may clarify some of your concerns. It's written by a physicist with a doctorate who worked with Robert Monroe (this was the guy who coined "out of body"). Essentially you can think of our physical reality being a subset of a larger computational system. Most people are unaware of this, but you do access a (cordoned off) subsection of this larger reality when you dream every night. The interaction between the non-physical and physical systems is purposely designed to keep the people in the physical mostly safe from getting overrun by more powerful entities. The interaction between the nonphysical and physical is so weak, which is why you don't see people levitating, throwing fireballs or some shit.

  2. I always assumed he meant local as in self-generated, egregores etc. and non-local in the sense of either free-willed, externally sentient spirits or even those created by someone else.

  3. I think he means non local as in it exist independent of you. And yes ghost. You cAn believe whatever you want. Try believing in ghost. Try Animism. Try materialism. Make some shit up. Beliefs are tools not your identity.

  4. If you want to understand it through the lens I think you’re trying to, it would be spirits in the collective unconscious, interacted with or created by our conscious.

  5. Nice description, so kinda like foreign archetypes or idea creatures in the collective unconscious. That's compatible with my worldview. I appreciate what others have said about just believing that they are literally spirits from another world, and just see how things go.

  6. Yeah you have kind of confirmed what I already thought; whereas a local spirit is created BY your conscious mind intentionally, a non-local spirit is projected into your conscious mind by a river or a creepy doll or an old antique etc, so you are interacting with your minds interpretation of what that object or place looks like if its personified.

  7. I'm not really sure what he means by "non-local spirits" but typically I think of spirits that do not have a geographic location, such as things that aren't land spirits, water spirits, tree spirits etc. Lots of spirits have something local, or a tie to something local.

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