CMV: All military pay should be tax free

  1. If you feel their take-home pay is too low, then you should be advocating for them to make more money, not for them to get special treatment.

  2. Taxing military income seems like an inefficient but on-balance beneficial way to siphon some of the Pentagon's bloated budget into other government programs. If people drawing military salaries are not earning enough to live on, the military should pay them more, not pay them the same and ALSO avoid paying for education, social security, Medicare, etc.

  3. Compare and contrast the wages received by civilians and military members doing the same job with the same training and experience levels. You'll find that the non uniformed worker is making far more without the attendant risk to life and limb from combat related activities.

  4. Why should military members get special treatment? I also do a public service type of job (teacher). Should my income also be tax free?

  5. To misquote something I heard that resonated with me "When you join the military you are signing a blank check payable to the People of the United States for an amount up to and including your life."

  6. What about the military bureaucrats? A four star general makes 16 thousand dollars a month (in 2020 according to a quick google), do you want them to go tax free too?

  7. Most of the ‘food stamp military’ are lower enlisted people. E1-E3. They barely pay any federal or state tax anyway. I think base pay for an E3 with two years of service is like 24k/yr. Then if they are married they get tax free money for housing and groceries. Whole family gets medical, dental, and other services such as commissary and exchange privileges.

  8. It feels like they have the military that they actually wanted. They didn't take care of the military they had, they didn't care about what happened to them after they took them, they weren't really protecting their jobs, and invariably militaries everywhere seemed to have slimmed down a lot, while spending all the cash on fancy toys.

  9. Sure, it could be modified to take such situations into account, I'm not against that. There are a lot of members who are married whose spouses don't work or may be impacted in finding something meaningful or long term for employment due to relocations as well and that could be a factor.

  10. Nope. I believe all about bodied citizens that make a certain income should be paying taxes (outside of EXTREMELY UNIQUE circumstances). Being in the military shouldn't mean you don't contribute to society. Especially when those taxes go back to benefit you in the first place. In fact, more taxes go towards the military than anywhere else by far.

  11. Would you be ok with them making military pay tax free, then lowering thier pay so that the amount they take home is still the same?

  12. It's important that you set aside your own biases and ask how you would feel if for example teachers said that all teacher pay should be tax free? Firemen? Bartenders? Why should your profession mean you get to avoid paying taxes? If service members' issue is that they're not making enough money, then isn't the obvious solution just to pay them more? Not only is making it so they don't have to pay taxes not fair (and would start a horrible precedent that other groups can then lobby for), but it would be ripe for abuse as there's plenty of service members who make a lot of money and shouldn't be able to avoid paying taxes just because they used to serve. As a side note it's kind of moot idea anyway as I'd have to imagine that a ton of service members already don't pay anything / much in taxes due to how disproportionately poor they tend to be.

  13. Simply giving them a raise and not making them buy anything they need for their jobs would be simpler and could possibly even go further. I imagine the soldiers who are struggling now aren't paying that much in federal taxes.

  14. Say the federal government pays you $100 and taxes you 20%. That means you pay $20 in taxes and your take home pay is $80. That's equivalent to paying you $80 tax free.

  15. Why is this better than just paying them more money? The problem with exemptions is it adds in an extra layer of bureaucracy when you really shouldn't need one. It requires updating tax forms and some level of IRS enforcement mechanism.

  16. Paying taxes is also how you get non-refundable tax credits. If troops don’t pay taxes then they don’t get write offs for donations, school, other programs, etc. To make sure everyone gets these benefits it’s best to pay taxes. If troops are underpaid it’s more effective to raise salaries than to eliminate taxation totally.

  17. Raising the pay has the same net effect, without the huge complications providing tax-free status would entail.

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