I want this. For sell at $175,000, Parkersburg, WV

  1. On the Parkersburg wiki: “High levels of PFOA, also known as C8, originating in landfills used by the DuPont/Chemours chemical company have been noted in Parkersburg drinking water. Despite a 2004 class-action legal settlement obligating DuPont to install a drinking water filtration plant if asked, local water district officials have not, as of 2016, asked for one.”

  2. I grew up right across the river in Ohio and a rather large number of my classmates have died from cancer.

  3. There’s a really good Podcast on Serial about the DuPont Chemical company and how they polluted the Ohio River & the water in many towns. It’s crazy how much environmental damage they did in that area.

  4. One thing most people don't consider is the human resource economics of WV. Yes, the cost of living can be quite low there, but the pay rates and job opportunities are dismal, as is internet connection in many places.

  5. Everything you say is true. This is why I'm focusing on work from home people. The internet connection is the greatest problem in that regard, but the state has shown initiative for trying to attract work from home people, so maybe they'll be more interested in working towards a new fiber optic cable or whatever it is that makes internet better.

  6. WV small towns/cities/suburbs really aren’t any different than ones in other states. Maybe older and with way more hills. It’s the small towns that are out in the boonies where things start to get weird, and where you start getting those kinds of problems. A significant portion of the state just happens to be the boonies.

  7. Op is correct. Location. I live40 miles away and actually work in this town. I’ve owned 3 100 yo plus homes over the last decade. Just bought one where I live now and couldn’t believe what you got in Parkersburg for the prices. Unfortunately I couldn’t live there due to shared parenting. But there are seriously good old homes in good shape for cheap there. If you’re cool with a medium/small city area in the middle of Appalachia

  8. Looks beautiful but who wants to live in Parkersburg West Virginia? Unless you are already a local I don’t see many people jumping on this. (No hate for Parkersburg but I’ve never even heard of it)

  9. I think there's an increasing market for people who want out of big cities and to live in small, isolated towns with low costs of living. I hope at least, I want my small town to be strong again.

  10. Ridiculously low cost of living. WV is seeing an influx of remote workers for that reason. Parkersburg is 2 hours from Columbus, OH and less than 3 from Pittsburgh, PA.

  11. No, that’s completely fair. I grew up there for a while and it’s not a great town. It’s a slowly dying old factory town.

  12. I wish I did. I got all the photos from online, none are mine. I plan to take an autumn walk soon around the town and get some more, mid October is prime foliage for our area.

  13. What a beautiful building. A wonderful parapet, original radius and decorative sash windows on the circular tower, and an amazing slate roof to boot. I hope you get this wonderful castle so you can continue to steward it into the next century.

  14. I was born and raised just a few blocks from there! In a beautiful old house built in 1913, but I cannot lie, the area is very depressed.

  15. For "sale," not "sell." Sorry. In any event, it's a lovely house and would really respond to some TLC. It's just a shame that the lot has been so carved up; there's hardly any back yard to speak of.

  16. Something is a major money pit here. For 175 this would be a great income property and there is a reason it’s sitting

  17. There's no garage, the back yard is a parking lot, and you probably shouldn't drink the water in the town. So, there are a few issues. Still a nice house for the right buyer though!

  18. It’s beautiful but … probably poorly maintained and will cost a fortune to get it up to standard and keep it there. On a disproportionally too-small lot, next to a parking lot. And the town is basically a superfund site with leaders apparently too dumb? Lazy? Apathetic? to get a free water filtration system installed to fix it.

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