1890s victorian that's been for sale in my neighborhood. i both love it and think it's way too much.

  1. I sold wallpaper in the nineties. I think I sold all of those patterns and they were not cheap. These people would have been better off investing in Beanie Babies.

  2. I love the wood wall on the last pic #9. Does anyone know what that’s called or anything about it? Doesn’t look like your typical mill work paneling.

  3. I don’t think it’s too much. I think it showcases the bonkers period of Victoriana very well. Thank you for posting this extraordinary home!

  4. I love big Victorians and the busyness about them but there's something about the amount of furniture choices in this house that I don't like 🫤.

  5. Agree.. I feel all the soft furniture (couches, chairs) are just completely wrong and ruining the aesthetic.

  6. How much? Sorry if it was posted, I did not see a listed price. Looks absolutely beautiful. What size is the lot? Thank you.

  7. I have a recently acquired 1880’s Vic that needs updating. And, I do NOT plan on painting everything white grey even though the last owners tried that with the kitchen and bath but luckily didn’t get too far. I’m saving this post for inspiration. I wouldn’t do an exact replica of Amy of these rooms but I love fearlessness of these people. It’ll remind me not to play it safe.

  8. That staircase and dining room. 😍 I would definitely add some personal touches with a painting/landscape photo here and there, maybe some plants, but overall very great condition and ornate look!

  9. Do you mean way too much money or are you referring to the decor? Personally, I think it's gorgeous. I didn't see a price, but it's worth whatever they are asking. This is what a Victorian should look like. Thank God the owners haven't gone "open concept" or some other HGTV crazy fad with it!! It's a beautiful home.

  10. Feels so British. The only thing I would change is the paint color and hood in the kitchen somehow to make it match the house a bit more.

  11. Oh wow, this looks almost exactly like the house Sherlock had in Elementary, it's scary! The layout is so similair! Absolutely love it!

  12. Just needs some sheetrock and vinyl siding (KIDDING) Idk about the red that is a nightmare shade I'm pretty sure was not original.

  13. Now that’s a house. I think it’s perfect. Is it nice on the outside? Do you know the sq footage?

  14. This house has the rare balance of gorgeous, timeless yet modern kitchen, with original woodwork in gorgeous shape. This is painfully rare!

  15. Honestly I'm such an oddball the only thing I'd change right away is take away the solid pink wallpaper in one room and most of the (albeit GORGEOUS) rose wallpaper in the next room.

  16. Looks to me like the crown area is original but the walls/wallpaper (at least in some) have been redone? I would definitely tone down some walls if that was confirmed. It's just the parlor and the pink flower hall really that are a problem for me :)

  17. In the third to last photo, is that an exterior window but inside? The photo makes it look like the top floor is sort of open air.

  18. I agree. It's great that there was an attempt to integrate old style and new functionality but someone's fomo for stainless steel appliances got the better of them. Kudos to them for preserving that old range though.

  19. That's the thing about wallpaper. Not too hard to take some of it down. The house is plain beautiful and I don't mind the more modern kitchen. Some compromises have to be made.

  20. This is one of those houses that I’d love to admire while I visit but if I actually owned it; the lack of continuity amount of huge amount of small repairs needed would start to drive me insane and would turn into a never-ending facelift project.

  21. Classically stunning except for the kitchen...which was out of scope, period, and not very well done...Those stairs are grand...Classic Victorian...!!!

  22. This reminds me of the movie Moonstruck. Looks just like their home, the entry way amd living room... it should have a flight of stairs opposite the front door and the kitchen door is near the bottom of the stairs.

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