And Now for something completely different: Brooklyn couple spends 13 years renovating Hudson Valley house: photos

  1. Is the paint colors what I would have chosen? No! But have they given this house a new life and been improving it? Absolutely! So many choices like the added trim and new roof will benefit a future owner even with different taste and keep the house going for generations.

  2. Love it. Absolutely not my taste, but these folks probably “saved” an old house that would have been a teardown/unrecognizable renovation otherwise. Don’t love all the colors but in the end, it’s just paint. Something tells me these people will live in this house for many years though!

  3. End of that article... ""I'm pretty sick of it — at this point, I want to sell it all and live in a condo," O'Sullivan said.

  4. Yes! Katwise is an amazing fiber artist, too, I love her sweater coats that she makes out of repurposed thrift sweaters. That house has been a joy to see growing over the years. They had to do a ton of work on it, and it's not a traditional aesthetic at all, but it's fun!

  5. Not even sure what the hell is going on here. Don’t hate the interior, but “renovating” is a bit abused here. I don’t really see the improvements even if they turned it into a fun house.

  6. Has no one else had the thought, “my god I’d die on those stairs!” I do like the living room, I want an amusing slightly crazy little Gypsy/hobbit kinda guy to live there, tell me stories that are hard to follow and make no sense.

  7. I feel like there would be nowhere restful in this house. Every room is an insane color with a ton of over-stimulating stuff. It's...a little much.

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