Flatter Hikes Cumberland, York, Dauphin, Adams Counties

  1. Visit your app store and check out Alltrails app. They have mapped most if not all the hiking paths and post them with photos, reviews, descriptions and even a chart showing the hills and intensity of the trail. You can select trails by difficulty or based on things like "with a view". It's a very powerful tool for exploring nature anywhere you go.

  2. I have all trails I guess I am looking more for personal recommendations. I really do appreciate the helpfulness of the app and agree with your suggestion for anyone else who hasn't downloaded it.

  3. I enjoy the Appalachian Trail section northbound off of Trindle Road just outside of Carlisle. I do some trail runs on it occasionally and it’s not really technical or hilly— I usually hit about 2-2.5 miles north and then turn around and come back. Would recommend!

  4. You could always look to the Rail Trails. Those are generally flat and well-maintained. The one from Newville to Shippensburg is very nice.

  5. Give this one a shot. It's a bit remote, but upside is you won't see anyone out there either.

  6. Detweiler Park is pretty flat and has multiple trails. It’s not very busy and good for dogs too. I see people trail running there a lot. There’s a little hill to get to most of the trails but that’s about it— it’s a small hill (I’m almost 8 months pregnant and I can walk it).

  7. I look at the topographical maps at the state/county park website to determine elevations. Most of the county and state parks have at least one level trail. Swatara state park has a few - though it is in Lebanon County.

  8. AT from PA route 225 to Table Rock overlook is 4 miles round trip and flat with the exception of a few short up and downs near the trailhead.

  9. I think it might be a little out of your range here, but old state road in swatara state park is a nice, relatively flat, trail.

  10. Letort spring nature preserve in Carlisle has a 2 mile out and back trail that is nice and flat. Opossum lake in Cumberland county has a nice 4 mile loop trail around the lake

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