Good book stores around Middletown?

  1. Yep, Midtown Scholar. I drive an hour to go to it. They haven't reopened yet tho, just sidewalk sales on the weekends—they make so much $$$ online (and their owner is the mayor) so they don't need to reopen atm, I guess.

  2. It would be a little bit of a drive, but the York Emporium is a quirky used book store in York. I'm not sure about their hours but I know they're open now.

  3. In Carlisle there is both Whistlestop, which is a cool little shop, but also Pomfret Street books which is perhaps my favorite bookstore in the world, such a neat little place. There are also usually great buys at the bookery in Bosler library, plus it supports the library.

  4. 2nd and Charles is great in the mall by Bass Pro. They have a ton of pre-owned books and the prices are great. They also have used movies, videogames, albums, board games, etc. It's a really cool shop for culture.

  5. If you’re willing to make the drive, Grumpy’s Bookstore in Liverpool has a lot of used and somewhat odd books

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