Religious beliefs creating concern over CRCSD interim superintendent’s ability to perform job

  1. And on the flipside, someone like me who doesn't get upset about much with the public school system is upset by this!

  2. Yeah, this is concerning. A person who is anti-science is now in charge of an organization that is supposed to teach science to children. That is very much concerning

  3. I agree. I absolutely do NOT want anyone coming in trying to tell kids that evolution isn't real, kids are there to learn facts - not one religion's shit take.

  4. Nope. Not cool with this clown box running schools. You may as well just hit them in the head with a bible because it will instill the same knowledge.

  5. If someone's religion teaches that the best siding material is farts, they shouldn't be given a job as a siding installer. If someone holds a sincere religious belief that it is bad to sell food to people, they are unqualified to work in food service.

  6. I think basic qualification for a job is not to publicly state you are against what the very job you are applying for requires. Would you hire a doctor that says they don't believe in modern medicine? no, of course not.

  7. It wasn't a choice between "No Interim" and "Him". Surely there were more qualified individuals with a stronger track record.

  8. These comments are very ignorant, there are more views in science than just ONE. Creation and evolution are just two view points on key topics.. You can't be closed minded in science. Not to mention MANY famous scientists who have made life altering discoveries have been creation based.. so are you telling me they weren't sciencists because of not believing in evolution? It's scary just how uneducated people are in this, and not to mention HISTORY on science surrounding the debate of evolution and creationism.. if any of you need examples Id be happy to list these scientists below.😂 How moronic our society has become. Different beliefs/views are what spark debate and thus ushers in critical thinking. You don't just cancel a whole other idea because it offends you or you disagree with it.. the blatant dumbing down of the masses is ever evident everyday..for the love..🤦

  9. The list of people who understand that creationism is bullshit is much longer. Fortunately for you, we don't prove that a scientific theory is true or false by listing the number of people who believe in it. We test it by seeing its power to explain how the world works. "God did it" literally explains nothing, as it tells us nothing about how it was done and has no use in predicting how other things will work.

  10. So this most likely comes from the left leaning school board members. This is the same group that no longer allows teachers to hold a child that is violently beating another child.It seems like the current board wants all of our schools to be run into the ground.

  11. You can, however remove them from a job they are not doing well or correctly. Just because they use the excuse of it being their religion, that does not make them invulnerable. Just like if someone started teaching math and said 1+1 = god, and marked students wrong if they answered 2, that teacher can be fired for cause.

  12. Sad to see so many people expressing hatred and assumption about this new superintendent and aligning this with what appears to be some hatred toward Christianity in general.

  13. Not sure where you're going with this. We're not talking about a Christian who thinks that evolution (as you said, a well-supported scientific theory) is consistent with their beliefs. We're talking about someone whose beliefs are incompatible with teaching basic science properly.

  14. It's less and less often that KCRG escapes the copy+paste syndrome of circular journalism, but when they do it's unfortunately pretty apparent.

  15. The religion isn’t the problem. It’s his public comments stemming from his religion that are in conflict with being superintendent of a school.

  16. Careful. If you make insightful criticisms you will get downvoted. Best to just delete your fake online persona than speak the truth.

  17. God hates you, you blaspheme and bare false witness, commit idolatry with your own false image of Him. In fact, I'm pretty sure God exclusively hates people like you, that you are the only ones who will be denied salvation.

  18. No, we don’t. My family doesn’t follow the Christian God. So unless you’re gonna let her light candles and have her tea with the God of the Dead in school you can fuck right off with that nonsense.

  19. Did y'all forget that this nation was founded on separation of church and state? We are not a Christofascist nation, no matter how badly you want that to happen. Other religions are free to exist, that's literally why people came to this country. You have freedom to practice your religion, and I have the freedom to not be subjected to it.

  20. Absolutely. Lets start with Inana, the sumerian God of Fertility and War and work our way forward through history highlighting one per year. After just 3200 years we'll get to the Christian God.

  21. Evolution was a theory when I was a kid but it has withstood multiple tests and checks now and it is considered fact. Gravity was a theory too and went through the same vetting process. That doesn't mean that it can't be proven wrong but we are talking about 99.999% certainty. There also could still be some outliers and corner cases that adjust the theory. Gravity also had some tweaks as better equipment and measurement techniques were developed.

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