I'm picking up a cat in a couple days. I'll go shopping with him the same day. Am I missing anything?

  1. Tip: When a cat gets tired of a box move it somewhere else. To a cat, a box in a different place is a different box.

  2. I got a toaster oven s few weeks ago and I've kept the box because I'm planning on getting a cat. Was gonna cut a hole in it so it can go in and out and hide if it wants

  3. Get the stuff beforehand. Take him straight home to his space. He may be freaked during the car ride and an extra stop at a pet store may make the stress worse.

  4. I would buy all of this before hand. The cat is already going to be prety freaked out with all of the commotion of bringing it home. It would be best to bring the cat strait home and just let it get used to its new surroundings.

  5. First thing I do when bringing a kitten in the house is put em on the litter box. Theyll then run into a corner and hide for most of the day but will instinctively know where their potty is

  6. I'd say have a look at a youtuber called Jackson galaxy he is the cat guy, he has a few videos on what to get and such which can help new owners.

  7. To add to YouTube resources I recommend All about cats and senior cat wellness ( it’s for cats of all ages though). Both channels have websites too !

  8. I use unscented tidy cats clumping litter with my kitty. Multiple cat formula with activated charcoal, and I never smell the litter box. I don’t like artificial fragrance myself, but the real kicker for me is that it can be harmful to some cats.

  9. Mine prefers a tall scratching post so she can stretch up. She also uses a scratch pad sometimes, but she loooves the post.

  10. Blankets and/or a bed? He may not use them but would be nice to give him 'his space' when he first arrives in a new place

  11. I would suggest asking the people/organization you’re getting him from, if he has a favorite blanket and/or toy. If so, ask if you can take it/them home with the kitty.

  12. Yes. Long haired cats require brushing to keep tangled mats from forming. Also some cats are funky about brush type. If one is a problem try another. Mine love a silicone one, but our neighbors loves the metal with the smooth bristle ends.

  13. If you're getting a collar, make sure it's a breakaway one. Cats can easily get strangled by a collar if it gets caught into something.

  14. Jumbo corner litter box with high sides has been a god send. I just shoved it in the corner of my studio apartment bathroom. Now he thinks going to the bathroom is a group activity.

  15. Agreed with the trash as toys comment. One of my cats LOVES to play fetch… with a milk jug ring. If I try to play fetch with her with a bonafide cat toy, she never plays along. But she will find the plastic ring and drop it in my lap to initiate a game of fetch herself.

  16. thank you for emphasizing the no scented litter! super important for kitties and a big reason why a lot of cats have accidents elsewhere - if your bathroom stunk, you wouldn’t want to use it either

  17. Agree 💯% with everything stated here. My one guy goes absolutely nuts for bottle caps, my other guy loves hair scrunchies. They never touch their cat toys. My guys are totally freaked out by litter boxes with a roof. They're both on the larger side so we have one that's longer than average with high sides and they love it. Definitely no scented litter. I made the mistake of getting lilac scented one day and my cats wouldn't go anywhere that stuff. Also if you have a cardboard box it will provide hours of entertainment for your cat. Mine also love reusable grocery bags. Hours of fun!

  18. I agree never use scented litter. I have tried almost every litter and every type of litter box out there - and the best litter is ökocat litter, which is recyclable, lighter, lasts longer - you can even scoop and throw in the toilet - it’s made of wood and the best thing about it - NO KITTY BOX ODOUR AT ALL. Your house will never have that smell that lingers.

  19. Also, cats have different preferences for toys. I’ve got six cats. One will only play with toy mice (and plays fetch with them). One loves pom poms. One will play with just about anything. They all love the laser (very rarely used) and wand toys. Most of them don’t care about catnip or empty boxes (are they even cats?).

  20. I absolutely love the use of the cat as a measurement unit when giving the dimensions for litter box :)

  21. I have had no problem with litter boxes with roof, as long as I remove the door. They stick their heads out and do their things. It was necessary for me because one of my cats never learnt to almost sit to pee. He does it standing on his four paws and he is a fountain.

  22. Can confirm the preferring to play with trash. My cat’s favorite toy is a cat dancer. It’s two dollars on Amazon and all it is is cardboard on a wire.

  23. agreed. scented litter smells dirty to me…like a cheap air freshener. just scoop often. i prefer the petsmart’s unscented clumping litter.

  24. I was also going to recommend avoiding scented litter. We use Oko Cat, which is wood clumping litter. It's a little dusty, but it does an amazing job of holding in smells, and is much healthier than clay.

  25. Hi! I would not suggest to bring the cat with you shopping the very first day. This is because cats adjust to change very slowly. The first night you take a cat home I recommend letting them into a smaller area of your home first rather than the whole house. Like a bedroom. Give the cat a day and if they do super well you can open the door and let them explore on their own! But it’s probably not a good idea to take him home and to a store on the first day. Once he’s more settled in a trip to the store is something y’all can work towards! Not all cats like going outside! Also if it’s a kitten it likely will need vaccinations before it’s safe to go to the store! Good job being prepared! I can tell you will be a great cat parent. (I give this advice having worked in shelters for years and someone who owns 6 cats)

  26. With 2 litter boxes it would be a good idea to get one with a lid and one without (or keep the lid off). Litter box preferences can impact behaviors if the cat isn't happy (for example, many cats feel trapped in a covered box and will avoid/stress out leading to urinating in unwanted places, etc...). If the cat doesn't show a preference you could keep the lid on both, but if it prefers the open box you'll know to consider taking the lid off the other box as well. Just an idea. Wish I'd done it this way in the beginning.

  27. Don't get scented kitty litter, it's offensive to many cats. Also best to shop before picking kitty up, he's likely to be freaked out riding in car. Better to go straight home with him and spend time bonding.

  28. I would check to see what type of cat food the cat is currently eating. Switching foods can be hard for cats and it is recommended to slowly transitioning to new brands/types.

  29. This. When I got my kitten last year I asked the foster family what brand they used and got the same. First days are hard enough, at least it's familiar food. (Also no upset tummy).

  30. World’s best is great. Flushable and I have to change it so rarely. My house never smells if I use it. Saves money with how rarely I have to replace it. He definitely prefers it over any other pellets too. Currently using a crystal due to his asthma and miss the world’s best :(

  31. From what I’ve seen with other friends of mine with cats, as well as my own two boys, get those toy plastic springs for cats. Those are like crack to my two guys. They get bored of other toys easily, but in the three years of their existence, they’ve never gotten bored of their springs.

  32. Really? wow! I see them all the time and think this will get lost in two seconds and they’ll never play with it. Now you’re making me second guess that.

  33. I'd wait and not get too many cat toys. First figure out how he like to play...otherwise you're wasting your money. Same with a cat bed...its a certainty he'll sleep everywhere...but. And change his mind regularly about where to sleep. If he's chipped and an indoor cat, forget the collar. He's probably not going to feel comfortable in it and you'll be buying it for you...which isn't right.

  34. I don’t recommend collars for cats, especially indoor cats. There’s no need and they can be dangerous. They can get caught on things and strangle. Cats generally don’t like covered litter boxes, they like them open. Don’t get scented cat litter. In scented with charcoal or some kind of odor absorber that clumps. Cats do best with wet food because they naturally don’t drink enough water and need the extra water content though their food. It’s also not the best idea to get the stuff after you’ve gotten the cat. It’s already going to be stressed being in a different situation. Get the stuff first, get it all set up. And then get the cat. If you’re getting a kitten, I’d recommend getting 2. They do better in pairs.

  35. I got myself a fancy second hand human diaper trash thing. Same idea as a litter genie, but fits normal trash bags and was way cheaper.

  36. Wet food & Dry food, some bed and scratcher/cat tree (cats like to be in higher places), water bowl, toys with stimulation (rattling, crunching, maybe catnip inside but you don’t know How the kitty will react to that), pet brush(preferably with iron teeth), treats (for teeth/fur), forget the scented litter look for litter thats not dusty af (trust me, it gets Absolutely everywhere on micro level), cardboard box (cause those little fluffers just prefer them over bed lol)

  37. No metal brush, it hurts if they have sensitive skin. Get the blue glove with the silicone nubs or a silicone brush. Mine LOVE the glove. They don't try to bite it cause it just fells like you're petting them, just a better feeling!

  38. Don't get the cool ones with roofs. From experience, the smell of ammonia stays inside and builds up to a point that it's unbearable for your feline. When I had to clean them too, even once or twice a day, it would almost be unbearable for me as well. It's not a good idea. Hope this helps.

  39. Scratching post! Lazer pointer as one of the toys and most importantly give the cat your attention when they want it. They will probably want to hide out for a day or maybe a week. Let the cat adjust at its own pace.

  40. Get ceramic not plastic food dishes. The plastic can harbor bacteria that can give your cat acne under his chin.

  41. Water fountain!! If I remember correctly, the number one cause of death and health problems in kitties are kidney issues. Cats like running water :) they still retain a lot of wild traits, and in the wild they tend to drink (they prefer it) from running water. Getting a water fountain has made my kitties drink so much more water! I know that they can be a pain to maintain sometimes but your kitties will thank you for it :)

  42. all you need to add is a cat carrier, scratcher, and a water bowl! Other optional things are cat trees and cat bed but you don't need those. other than that you're pretty much set. You got more than I got when I got my cat lol.

  43. Dr Elsey's makes an additive for litter that attracts cats, called Cat Attract. Or, you can just get their "Cat Attract" litter. Definitely stick with unscented.

  44. It depends on where you're getting the cat. If you're getting it from a another owner, check to see what they're bringing with the cat. I just adopted a 12-year-old cat from a lady whose mother was going into memory care. They brought me so many rugs, two litter boxes, cat litter, enough food to feed her for 2 months, and all the other stuff that goes with it. I didn't have to buy anything. Don't get too excited though, read on.

  45. I assume this will get lost, but it’s a good idea to get some of the same food and litter he’s been using so you can slowly transition him to whatever you want to use. Also get different varieties of foods and flavors for him to try, since cats can be picky and will refuse to eat if they don’t like it. Wet food is best, imo, and I buy the 12oz cans of Wellness brand in bulk for price savings.

  46. No scented litter in case kitty doesn’t like it. Sometimes they won’t use scented. Try Dr. Elsey’s. Or if you want something environmentally friendly they have sWheat Scoop, both of which my kitty loves

  47. Hey, I don't want to come off as rude or anything but something I've learned is don't collar your cats. I've had cats my whole life and this is the one big thing I've learned. Cats can slip the collar and if they can't, it's too tight. You don't need the collar to catch them because you can just scruff them if you really need to. If you want to walk them, a halter is better anyway. A bell on the collar so you can find them can hurt their ears or they can learn how to walk without ringing it, so there's no point. If you get a snap on/off collar, that reduces a lot of risks but if they get out and it gets lost its useless anyway. A collar on a cat just creates a whole lot of unsafe scenarios for them and in my experience it's unnecessary and even harmful.

  48. My cats and I love the Catit covered litter boxes! Also, automatic feeder is nice so kitties don't wake you up early af. Cat beds make some kitties feel safe.

  49. I think you should skip the collar if it's an indoor cat. Collars can be super dangerous especially on kittens when they don't understand what is dangerous to do.

  50. My newest cat loves the window hammock we got her! Also keep in mind the cat might be a little anxious- so be flexible if they don’t want to be shopping with you, maybe consider have the basically already at home, and if it hides for a few days, just make sure the food/water/box is refreshed and they will come out when ready

  51. A flowing fountain! My vet suggested it to me the other day because unfortunately one of my cats had issues with urinating. This also happens to be quite common in male cats and the underlying cause is “stress” if they’re fully indoor kitties. Just something to look out for!

  52. How old is the cat? You'll need to get different food depending on if it's an adult or kitten. I recommend keeping them on the food they're already on if possible. Cats don't always adjust great to change so keeping that the same will help with the transition to your house. Also speaking from experience here, don't get expensive cat toys they won't use then. I have some expensive cool looking ones that mine don't care for. Mine prefer laser pointers and pompoms (they especially like the little mice that have the jingly bells in them)

  53. Scratching post! At least two. All cats also love the cardboard floor blocks and they are super cheap. Bell for collar if it's an outdoor cat. Wet food.

  54. To be honest, cats really don’t like covered litter boxes, and experts don’t recommend them. I’ve had better luck with high walled litter boxes.

  55. Don’t wait to get the items and don’t bring the cat shopping. Have all these beforehand. Have them in the home set up. Water should be nowhere near food or litter box. Food, water, litter box should be in quiet low traffic areas where kitty doesn’t feel trapped or cornered.

  56. All I would suggest is making sure the collar is the kind that break away. Personally I use safepets I believe that’s what their called.

  57. Only do a collar if he/she goes outside, otherwise a chip is enough and safer for the cat. Plus cats don't like things around their neck, tolerate yes most, but that is it. You can get a litterbox with a top, do make sure it is big enough and remove the catflap. Scented litter is for humans, the sensitive cat nose prefers unscented. I am missing water bowls. Place several different ones in your house and top tip a water fountain. Cats are bad drinkers, so everything that helps is a win.

  58. We reserve the collar for vet trips and travel, when he’s more likely to escape. Been useful and also good in medical situations incase he gets mixed up.

  59. It’s a little more expensive but I’ve tried many litters and none combats odor better than everclean. It’s unscented though not low dust if you have an allergy!

  60. Cat trees, maybe a tunnel for them to hide in and cat beds. Don’t be surprised when they spend the first few days hiding (under your bed or the couch). Give the cat room and space, talk gently to him/her

  61. You’ll want a cat tree or several cardboard scratchers. Cats need to scratch and will happily do it on your coach if you don’t get them own stuff. The cardboard things are like $20

  62. I use wood pellets instead of normal litter and find them to smell a lot cleaner and be easier to manage. But I also wouldn’t recommend scented litter because cats have sensitive noses and also some (like my boys) have feline herpes that cause them to be super irritated by strong scents.

  63. I would have it all at home ready to go. Cats aren’t dogs, they don’t like shops and strangers generally. No scented litter, get the paper pellet type if you can. I would also get an enclosed type cat bed, it can be especially helpful in the first few days to give Monster his own private space.

  64. Wood litter is fantastic, also make sure the cat dish is very shallow 😊 preferably not plastic either as it can give kitties rashes

  65. i dont usually recommend scented litter as some cats will avoid their litter box but if it works for you go for it

  66. unscented litter is better... the kind that clumps up well. And don't forget to get a few band-aids for yourself until the newbie learns to control those claws during playtime.

  67. Scratching post Many scratching posts! Cat nip to rub on scratching post to enough use. Covered cat bed to feel safe. Nail trimmers those tiny nails grow fast Water bowl Brush they shed Welcome to your new best best friend..

  68. I would say a cat tree, and ditch the litter box with the hoods, cats don’t like that just as people wouldn’t. If you can imagine, doing your business in that enclosed of a space is going to smell, especially to a cat who have a much better sense of smell than a human. Best of luck to you and your kitty.

  69. Ask the foster/shelter what he likes or is used to - litter brand/type, treat flavors, favourite toys (my cat doesn’t play with anything except little balls with bells in them), places they like to sleep etc. My cat’s foster family said that he didn’t care for soft surfaces so I didn’t bother buying a bed.

  70. Get a fountain over a water bowl. Majority of cats die from kidney issues, moving water is a good way to get them to drink more :)

  71. Your cat may not like a litter box with a roof. I gave my cat the choice and he exclusively used the roofless one. Consider getting a litter mat for under the litter box to catch stray litter.

  72. I definitly reccomend a cat tree and multiple scratches. Cats prefer vertical space and if they don't have good scratching outlets your clothes/couch/chairs will get wrecked. Cat carrier for adoption day for sure! And multiple beds so the cat has its own safe spaces.

  73. Spring for a metal litter scoop. Seriously, I don't care if it's 3x as expensive, you'll buy one and never need to buy another again, ever.

  74. Didn't see this mentioned but def didn't read everything - One, I would avoid plastic bowls. Some cats get really irritated eating out of them and can cause the black acne/scabbing on their chin. Metal ones are fine but imo ceramic is best, super easy to clean. Not to mention please get shallow bowls. Cats whiskers are super sensitive and super long, and deep bowls can cause damage to their whiskers causing pain. bonus points for a raised bowl too, helps with digestion (especially if you have a cat who eats fast).

  75. Whew you can pick up freeze dried treats, brush, window seat perch, several scratch posts, Feliway (spray in cat carrier), cardboard box. Someone also mentioned a water fountain most important it can save your cats life.

  76. Get your stuff before getting the cat. Set it all up before you go pick him up. Moving is very stressful for him already, stopping at a store and bustling around with a bunch a stuff in your home will only make it worse.

  77. Don’t get a collar ¯_(ツ)_/¯ And please don’t use scented catlitter. Cats do not like it - they’ll use it. But they do not like it.

  78. Water fountain rather than a bowl, and keep the water higher than the food. Cats don’t like drinking water that is downstream from food. And they love water fountains.

  79. Do not get scented kitty litter. Get 2 different kinds of unscented litter and see which she likes best, then continue with that one!

  80. •Water bowl and water fountain. •Carrier or cat backpack (my cat prefers this) •scratching post and mats •toys (def. a tunnel and feather wand, balls)if you are busy a lot then def. an interactive butterfly toy •cat tower •pine litter work great

  81. Also vet appointment and pet insurance. I use Fetch by the Dodo, $250 deductible and 10% for 15k a year policy

  82. Don't forget a water bowl I heard cats prefer it if their water bowl is away from their food just a suggestion :)

  83. I totally agree with most people in everything and would certainly get the remaining stuff all in prior to collecting him. It’s a very stressful time when moving home and you want to minimise that. One thing I would thoroughly recommend is a good quality collar that can be slackened or tightened and a safety catch, should he get caught in anything, which also has a good bell that will not frighten them with the noise of it (I’ve found out the hard way), so that you are aware where they are. eg behind you, so not to stand on him and if you can’t hear it (you get so attuned to it subconsciously). This still helps me to this day on whether I might nearly stand on her or even if she is stuck or locked somewhere. It’s been a wee life saver in every way possible for me and she is approaching one in less than two weeks time and I’ll never get rid of it AND on top of all that I find it cute hearing the bell when she’s running or playing. Good luck with Monster and everything. You’ll have great fun🥰❤️💙

  84. In my experience cats do not like scented litter but be sure to get the clumping litter. You don't need to pay for a fancy bed. I have several but most of my cats prefer a folded blanket on the floor. A must have for my cats is a box of crinkley paper. It is great for play and sleep.

  85. Scratching post, get wood pellet litter - it absorbs ALL of the odor, treats, cat bed (it might use it, or it'll be like my cat and sleep in a random laundry basket he found at the back of my closet)

  86. Get the stuff beforehand. He’ll likely be spooked for a few days and you don’t want to add to that by taking him shopping. Also please drop the scented litter, cats have incredibly sensitive noses and he doesn’t deserve to have his nostrils nuked by completely unnecessary perfume in a new and scary place. And also, just clean the litter once a day (or more) and you won’t have an issue with smell.

  87. Either get everything before you bring him home or go a bit after by yourself to give him some space. Cats are typically scared and need some time to open up when you bring them home so taking him to a store would probably be very overwhelming for him. I would say to go for Unscented litter as some cats will refuse to use it and I honestly thinks it makes the box smell worse. Just stay on top of scooping and refresh all the litter when it needs it! I am very happy for you and can tell you will be a great cat parent from this post alone!

  88. Maybe add some carpet cleaner or cleaning supplies especially for when there are little accidents. They’ll happen and it’s nice to just grab the basket from the cupboard and have all the cleaning bits ready to go, and it keeps them separate from things you’d use to clean the kitchen etc.

  89. One thing I've gotten in the habit of using is doggy bags -- i.e when it comes time to scooping everything out, it's easier to scoop it into a doggy bag and then carry the bag to the trash than it is to scoop everything directly into the trash.

  90. I’d honestly stay away from scented cat litter. Cats have very sensitive noses and it might deter him from using it. It’s best to have a clump building cat litter and clean it twice a day. (Clumping litter makes it easier to take it out before it starts to smell). The crystals are okay but I found it’s way fresher for the cats with the clumping litter. Also it doesn’t hurt if you step on one of them by accident 🥲😂

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