can someone identify what these sort of meows mean?

  1. To me that's just a curious, inquisitive, "oh, hello there, don't mind me, just nursing the nuggets, don't mind us" kind of meow.

  2. Omg someone else called them nuggets!! We called my brothers cats litter a box of kitten nuggets because there were six of them!

  3. I'll go one step further and say that she might be telling her kittens that this person is safe. I befriended a pregnant feral cat and she finally brought her kittens in the enclosure I made for her. The first week I saw the kittens(about 3 weeks old) they would all scatter and hide from me. Then the mother would come by and meow in a distinct similar manner and the kittens would come out and greet me. I thought it was pretty cool that a feral cat who wouldn't even let me touch her, gave me total trust with her kittens.

  4. My cat became a mama and would make that noise when she was nursing but still wanted attention. I gave her lots of pats and scritches and told her what a good mama she was being.

  5. Yup. As everyone else is saying, these are just happy, every day type of meows. I have a kitty that has crispy sounding meows like your mama cat, and she meows like that, too, just to tell me she’s in the room, or she sees that I’m looking at her. Mama cat would probably welcome some gentle scritches on top of her head or under her chin when she meows like that while she’s feeding her babies.

  6. Her paws widening is a sign of happiness, she is very happy to be safe and cared for enough to let her take care of her litter, good job 🤗

  7. A cat always picks where to sit. I got mine a whole soft treehouse with multiple places to sit and he'll still come into the basement when I'm working on stuff and loaf on the concrete floor. I think it's because it's a cool surface

  8. i know exactly what those meows mean. They mean please make it that i don't have any more babies and please take me in to your home and look after me

  9. She sounds like she’s greeting you. Her body language is calm and her expression happy. Her voice sounds cheerful-curious. So it feels safe that since her gaze is pointing to you that she wants you to greet her back as in give her rubs and pets.

  10. The tone of her meow suggests she is happy, content and trusts you. She's not exactly saying anything, she's just communicating.

  11. "Oh hello! Just chilling here feeding my kids." She's a content happy mama. She looks a little thin to me, though. Make sure she's eating a good kitten food as she needs the good fats and proteins to stay strong and healthy. Such a cute little family!

  12. My "cat" is a bit rusty but it roughly translates to: "Oh hi! Yes as you can see I have a lot of responsibility, and I appreciate you being around, am I doing good? Maybe a head scratch to let me know I'm doing this mom thing right?"

  13. Probably asking for a nice soft place to feed her babies instead of that filthy concrete. Please give her a shelter. Even just a cardboard box with some towels. Not good for any of them where they are. And feed her, of course! Mama needs her strength.

  14. 'What up, bro/sis, man this shit is long' ' tbh, nothing to worry about, she's probably a lil uncomfortable with their lil needle teeth on her nip nips too lol

  15. Cats are communicating one main thing when they meow, they are saying “I am baby” it’s a way for them to feel secure with you and communicate that they recognize you as part of the family, and that your bigger so higher up on the hierarchy. It’s not necessarily submissive, but similar in some ways.

  16. She needs comfort. She is uncomfortable with what’s happening and appears rather existential atm. Give some rubs on the head and sit with her for a bit and give one of those tube snacks if you have one.

  17. Hello! I would get up and greet you with a head bump and rub my tail in your face but I am busy right now. Have you seen my babies? Perhaps you could spare a minute for a chin rub?

  18. She's happy to see you ... Check out around that 3rd meow looks like she wanted to extend her neck and get a quick pet

  19. When a cat uses more of an "e" sound when they meow, its more of a greeting, but when they use more of an "o" sound in their meows, its more of an important matter.

  20. As a leading expert in cat talk she said word for word. "The blood of the innocent will run raging through the streets. Surrender now and I will only beat you as my slave." Typically all they ever say. So this is normal.

  21. I’ve taken care of plenty mama cats with their kittens. It could be a “oh hello!” meow like everyone is saying, but it could also be her asking for a snack or drink while she nurses. The urgency of the meow makes me think she wants a snack

  22. Sounds like “Hello, great to see you! I would get up to greet you, but I have some minions attached right now. But hello!”

  23. OR, any female human who has nursed their babies know that sometimes babies, when very hungry, can aggressively nurse which can be painful! Ask any Mother. Looking at those kittens it looks like they are due to be weaned off mother’s tit and on to solid food! Plus they now have teeth which can chomp too on a tender teat!

  24. Weaning, which these kittens are certainly old enough for, can be a bit of an anxious time for a mom cat depending on her personality. She’s still letting them do it but it’s getting uncomfortable.

  25. Oh hi, look at how good of a mom I am, tell me how good I'm doing because this is kinda scary and I need reassurance.

  26. There is an App for that called MeowTalk. I was taking my cat to the vet and she was meowing a lot. The App analysis of the Meows. One said “I am in pain” “Need Help”

  27. To me it sounds like she's saying either they've eaten enough or she needs to fill up the tank before them eating... I'm saying that because her position doesn't really look that inviting for the kittens.

  28. It means “Help they’re eating me and when they’re done with me they’re coming for you!”

  29. I call that the trill meow. Since she’s purring, when she meows it has the trill to it. It’s like when they go mrrrp but meowing it. (For those who don’t know what a trill is on a cat although if you’re on this page you may. Haha)

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