my cat (19 years) spends all day looking at the mirror, does anyone know why? is it a common thing?

  1. Could think it’s another cat? Or, there could be a mouse behind it. Had a cat stare at the fridge and come to find out… there was a mouse!

  2. One of our cats does that when there's a mouse in the kitchen. I guess they like to hide under the dishwasher and the stove. The most recent time it happened the cat hid on top of the island in the middle of the kitchen and was waiting to be death from above with the mouse.

  3. Yup when we first moved into our house there was one under our stove and in the light fixture in the kitchen too. Cats hardly blinked and just stared for so long. We finally would look and they would go nuts to get them.

  4. I just open the image and before reading the subject I saw the In the reflection a black car behind the brown cat. Later I understood it was the reflection of a cat.

  5. Our one cat died at age 21 - last few years of her life she stared at walls a lot - pretty sure it was dementia.

  6. Our guy is 19 and stares into the fireplace and yells at himself. The vet confirmed dementia as he also has other symptoms that accompany dementia.

  7. After ear problems have been ruled out, my vet said that of the early signs of dementia in felines is tilting their heads, kinda like dogs do when they’re curious. The head tilting will be become more frequent over time. My vet said it’s almost like the cat tilts their head to try to reorient themselves, similar to when humans do a quick head shake to get back to focusing on something.

  8. That’s an impressive age for a cat tbf. Mine had dementia I’m pretty sure. If she was left alone even for a few minutes she’d just start yelling constantly. She kept forgetting we’d fed her as well and leave food in the bowl then find it later and be excited 😂 had diabetes as well so last few years were a bit of a struggle but she still seemed genuinely happy when she had company, and my grandad lived with us who always got kinda lonely when we were out, so they looked after each other I guess

  9. Same. My cat passed at 18 years old and stared at random surfaces for long periods of time before he did. Fairly sure it was mental health deterioration

  10. Mine does that clicking sound that’s always a tell we have an unwanted guest. If mine’s staring silently she’s just checking her reflection. Then again I have a vocal drama queen of a cat

  11. My cat used to sit next to a floor length mirror all bunned up and cozy and then look at me like "Hey that other cat is here again!"

  12. My guess is she is not looking at herself. Cats hear things we don’t. She either hears the water in the pipes of that dishwasher, or you have pests behind it. It’s the same reason cats will stare at a wall or a corner of a room for long periods. They hear something in there.

  13. I had a cat that would stare in the reflection of the stove. We called it Stove TV. She'd always perk up and started trilling and meowing when she saw one of us in it, so we kinda encouraged it by waving at her. 😅

  14. My 3 y.o cat likes to stare into mirror too. I like to tease him saying are you looking at a handsome boy? lol. He sometimes use the mirror to spy on me/ my other cat. I just take it he’s a weird boy.

  15. Heh yeah our boy cat likes to sit on this half wall between living room and kitchen and then look into a mirror across the room. From there, he can watch us while staying up high. The perch is out of line of sight when we're outside, but the angle of the mirror lets him see onto the patio by looking at the reflection.

  16. Both our cats started doing this in front of our dishwasher one day, a few days later the dishwasher broke. Turns out a mouse had chewed through one of the tubes on the bottom.

  17. It has gone full sentient but is not very smart, trying to figure out reflections but not enough brain capacity😆😅

  18. I have read that this behaviour (staring at the wall/into a corner for a longer time) can be a sign of dementia in cats and dogs.

  19. My cat 11+ years old looks at herself in the mirror all the time. I used to joke that she’s saying “mirror mirror on the wall — I’m the fairest cat of all!”

  20. RVT here - could be that she’s just losing her cognitive function due to her VERY old age (good job OP♥️) or eyesight! I’d be curious to know what her eye reflexes are to see if it actually IS an eye problem or her brain! You can look up the menace response in cats and if she doesn’t move away when you try it, yeah she’s probably lost a lot of vision 😿

  21. My girlfriends brand new cat does the same thing just stares at his reflection sometimes tilt his head and meow. I think it’s cute but sometimes it creeps me out

  22. Google it. I can’t remember what it’s called. Self recognition? I have two rescues and one will do that and the other one - nothing.

  23. When you wake up in the middle of the night and hear a strange voice talking in the kitchen and after you go check it out all you find is your cat, that's the point you should start worrying.

  24. Well there is a very attractive cat staring at him so I imagine he is just lapping up the attention… I mean I would!!

  25. My mom used to think our cat (in my childhood) loved looking at himself in the reflection of the oven door. Then one day, the cat finally caught the mouse that had apparently been living behind or under the oven, and that was the end of the staring into the glass door.

  26. Is that a calico cat? I’ve always wanted one, they are the cutest!! He/she is definitely admiring their beauty lol (maybe something behind that tho)

  27. My old cat likes to look at his reflection. We always imagined he was like “whoa, WTH, you are on the other side of this glass, but I can’t smell you”

  28. Knows they're looking into another dimension but can do nothing to stop the's always the haunts me so.

  29. Cause she is a beautiful calico woman of a certain age and can do whatever the hell she wants. Oh! I also agree with the critter angle.

  30. Starting at maybe 17/18, my cat would sit and stare at her shadow on the carpet. Sometimes she would hiss at it. Probably something related to her eyesight. 🤷‍♀️

  31. I don't know if it's common but my cat does the same thing. She's an 8 year old Persian and when I first got her she would sit in front of a mirror I have and just look at herself. I don't know if she thought it was another cat or if she knew it was her, but she didn't show any aggression and it stopped once I moved the mirror to another room.

  32. I hope OP can see this, but you might want to check the wiring behind the dishwasher, there might be a short and she hears it. It’s been known to happen.

  33. At 19 years old, it could be dementia. It is a common thing for old cats to space out and stare at reflections. My mom's cat did it, my friend's cat did it. Both were geriatric. Both had developed dementia, according to their vets.

  34. Holy crap I just gotta come here and say your kitty looks INCREDIBLE for 19!! I had to put my 17 y/o lady down last week and she was soo skinny despite all she ate and a clean bill of health 🥺. What ever you’re doing keep it up! ❤️

  35. One of my cats does this too. I think your cat is more intelligent than other cats. Animal behaviorists use the mirror test to prove self-recognition. Thus far, they have only proven this level of intelligence in a handful of species, but studies are ongoing! Based on what I’ve seen with my cat, she totally recognizes herself.

  36. Tbh I’d get her checked by a vet. I had seen on tv and read a few things a while ago that when a cat/dog stared at an object/wall for prolonged periods of time it can be a sign that something is seriously wrong. Unfortunately can’t remember what it was meant to signify but I do strongly remember staring = vet trip. It wasn’t seizures I don’t think… think it was maybe tumour/Alzheimer’s it said but I’m not 100%. It might be nothing but best to get it checked!!

  37. I had a cat that loved to be held so he could look at himself in the mirror. He was incredibly handsome in his defense.

  38. My cat is almost blind and has dementia and stares at her reflection in her water bowl for minutes at a time.

  39. My cat does that with mirrors but she scratches at them. Im convinced she thinks it’s another room that she can’t get into and that why she scratches

  40. Same here (with the mirror scratching). I love your idea of “she thinks it another room”. I never gave my cat that much credit, I just assumed: insane.

  41. So I have a cat that doesn't do anything special when staring into a regular mirror, but I have a bookshelf that has similar tinting and some times he just goes over and stares at his reflection and meows at it every once in a while. Maybe the tinting of their reflection makes it appear more like a real second cat to them?

  42. It's a question of "self image". The cat understands that it isn't a perfect reflection but doesn't understand why. Install a perfect mirror somewhere else in the house. Then cover the oven glass with friendly cat stickers to disrupt the impulse to stare.

  43. I have a 2-year-old cat that loves mirrors too.. She stares at her in the mirror and then at us, almost like she's asking why she looks different lol

  44. Maybe you have a mouse that lives behind your oven. When my cat does that, it's time to investigate what is going on. He's pretty good at catching mice, but sometimes he can't get at them. Cat sleeping all day = good, Cat waiting intently by an area = potential problem. There are times when I'm presented with a partly gnawed carcass, but other times, I gotta use traps and stuff.

  45. One of mine also checks himself out in every reflective service! It's so funny to walk into a room and see him standing in front of the mirror.

  46. Out tabby has done this since she was a kitten and she’s 8 now. She will stare at any reflective surface for long periods. Nothing about her behavior makes me think she sees another cat, but at the same time I don’t know what she does see. When there are cats on a nature show she also watches but it’s far more intently and she is more easily distracted

  47. Will they do it with any mirror or just this spot? It could be they hear something back there that could be some living creature/s that you may want to investigate.

  48. Mine does that too but mainly after we use the oven. I think she’s trying to understand how the magic box smells like food

  49. My cat does this when the tv or computer monitor is turned off. Except her face is like 2 centimeters from it 😂 I say she’s just communing with demons (black cat) so it’s finnnneeee

  50. My old cat used to look in the mirror all day as well. She could see behind her while looking disinterested in what we were doing.

  51. We started going out with one of our cats. Downstairs someone put an old mirror and seeing her reactions (first fear, then angriness and ultimately curiosity), she thinks it's another cat or animal. Your cat might just never noticed this view (point) and when she did, she got curious too.

  52. Elder felines get dementia. It would be like your old demented grandmother staring in the mirror. More often than not they forget what they just saw seconds ago, so it's new to them. I was a feline specialty nurse for years. This is among other behaviors such as howling when alone, forgetting where the kitty box is, bumping into furniture, and having anxiety attacks when they're alone, especially in the dark. No harm in what's shes doing as long as she's eating and using the box normally.

  53. My 2 year old cat does this with our bedroom mirror! He knows there's nothing behind it because it's propped up and he can fit back there. He sits there all day whether I'm home or not. Cannot figure out why he does this so we just call the mirror cat his best friend lol so strange though

  54. We used to have a cat who would spy on us through the reflective surfaces like that while he wanted food. Coincidentally, it was near the place where we stored his food. He was showing us his back for denying that food because we didn't want to overfeed him. He was the sweetest little angel 🥹

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