My mom is randomly sending me pics of my car while I’m working far from home, so I wanted share this one

  1. Did you know? Once a musican (i forgor💀 his name) bought a Ferrari and modified it, changing the logo to purrrari. Ferrari hates it so much that they bought car back from him. He bought a lamborghini.

  2. My car is a Mazda 5 and I named it Zoomy because of the "Zoom Zoom " Mazda uses in marketing. But that would totally work for cats too

  3. Probably only on milleolium floor even though they are All Paw Drive.🤣 Trust me from experience they can Jack knife like semi trucks.

  4. My car is in purrfect condition and it’s 5 years old. Thanks for all funny comments. You are all awesome

  5. So so sweet. Little furry tum tum 😍 kitty tummies are so, so, oh what is the word I'm looking for, sweet, soft, lovely to.... get your face bit off because I can not resist hugging that softness. Lol 😈😵‍💫🤣

  6. I was in Germany for 3 months, my mom was also taking pics. I got some of my dog and my grey boy, I’d daily get pics of my girl. My one and only- the icing to my cake- the love of my life, I got daily pics of my mom waking her up to take the photos. Have lots of sleepy face Tau.

  7. She's a good mama! Reminds me of the time I bird sat for a lovely elderly neighbor and I would leave her notes everyday about the time I spent singing to her little bird ( I just fed her and watered ) but I did talk to her. When my neighbor came home she was all worried her little bird wouldn't love her as much! They were the sweetest neighbors ever. So was the bird lol

  8. My mom used to send me pics of my cats all the time before I brought them all home. I have 4 and I moved them one at a time, two weeks apart, so they could all settle in to the new house, with my Bf’s cat, without too much chaos. My mom now asks for visitation sometimes so I’ll bring one with me when I go see her because she misses them 😂

  9. She looks just like my cat! Except mine has a white patch on her belly :0, same kind of position that she likes too! So cute 🥰

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