Cat sneezed in my mouth

  1. And then there is me eating a piece of cheese I offered to my cat that he licked a few times but didn't want to eat.... or shared ice cream cones with our dogs... you're not a pet person obviously and that is perfectly fine. And you'll be fine too. You took all the precautions you could. You'll live.

  2. Your parents are terrible not to give you pets to love growing up. It teaches us so much about life and love caring for another living entity and it makes us better for it. Every kid should have a pet. Except the ones that would hurt that pet then they seriously need help.

  3. Or maybe they didn't have space/time/money for a pet 😂 Calling someone terrible for not having a pet is abit weird 😅 I had loads growing up yes but still I think your more "terrible" than this homies parents for being so judgemental 😂

  4. I grew up surrounded by pets, ironically, but my parents never got me to truly interact and get to care for them, unfortunately

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